Recommendation of Tour Packages in Batu Malang Indonesia

The existence of tour agents are really helpful for anyone. For those who don’t have time to prepare their traveling, you can trust it to the tour agents. They will give you services according to your needs. Do you already know where destination to go? If you are still confused to decide which place, you can go to Batu Malang. It’s already one of recommended travel destination for many people especially in East Java. If you are from other cities, you can utilize the travel agents. Choose one of the tour packages in Batu Malang Indonesia which suitable for you. But learn the agents first so that there will be no miss understanding which can bother your holiday. Take a look at some recommendation of travel agent as well as the tour packages in Batu Malang Indonesia below.

Abimanyu Tour

The first place to get tour packages in Batu Malang Indonesia is Abimanyu Tour. It offers some options in the form of packages. Just simply go to its website and learn all the packages. There are actually two types that you can choose which are Malang travel packages and Batu travel packages. But if you only want to visit Batu, there are some options. Firstly, you can choose 1 full day tour packages in some destinations such as Coban Rondo, Batu Night Spectacular, and Angkut Museum. There are also tour packages for 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 Nights tour packages with of course more destinations to visit. For the price, it starts from 300,000  IDR to 2,250,000 IDR per pack. Adjust your budget with member of people you are going with. Address: 13 Housing New Watu Gede, Watu Gede Street, Krajan, Singosari, Malang.

Malang Travel Guide Tour and Organizer

The second recommendation to get tour packages in Batu Malang Indonesia is Malang Travel Guide and Organizer. As its name, you can trust this travel agent to guide and organize your travel plan. There are some reasons why you should choose this travel agent. Firstly, you will get professional and friendly tour guide. Secondly, it can save your budget because there will be no hidden fee. For those who want to explore Bromo Mountain, this is the right travel agent to choose. There is Bromo Midnight Tour with affordable price. You will visit some spots such as Whisper Sand or Pasir Berbisik, Teletubbies Hill, climbing the Bromo Crater, and etc. For the price, it starts from 275,000 IDR to 650,000 per person or more according which transportation you choose. Address: D4, Housing Permata Asri Street, Lemah Duwur, Sitirejo, Wagir, Malang.

Nusantara Trip

The third recommendation to get tour packages in Batu Malang Indonesia is Nusantara Trip. This is also credible travel agent because it won Travellers’ Choice in 2013. Looking for Private Tour to Bromo? This Nusantara Trip offers 3 days 2 nights with flexible schedule. There are also other tour packages such as city tour to destinations in Batu and Bromo Tour which visit the other destinations in Batu when you are back to hotel. For Bromo Tour Packages 3 days 2 nights, the price starts from 1,500,000 IDR to 2,590,000 IDR per person. You still can adjust it by learning all the packages through its website. Address: 35O Hamid Rusdi Timur, Malang.

Ongis Travel

The fourth recommendation to get tour packages in Batu Malang Indonesia is Paket Wisata Malang (Travel Packages Malang)  by Ongis Travel. There are also some reasons why you should choose this travel agent. It offers qualified Customers Service, driver and guide, and facilities. Adjust your need by choosing how many days and nights you will spend. Learn more carefully because the price is varied. When you already check all the schedules and destinations through its website, then you can decide which package. Address: 16 Letjend Sutoyo 3, Lowokwaru, Malang.

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