Hidden Coban: Natural Tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia

Coban or waterfall is the unique and beautiful tourism in Malang. For almost travelers in Malang, It’s a must to visit Coban. There are already many popular coban in Batu Malang which becomes mainstream such as Coban Rondo, Coban Talun, and Coban Rais. But you need to do effort to visit this natural tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia. It’s because located far from the city center. Even though not all roads are difficult to pass bye, but you still need to be careful. Let’s find out which natural tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia not many people know below.

Coban Watu Ondo

Coban Watu Ondo is the first natural tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia to visit. It’s a hidden coban which not all people know it. But the full name of this coban or waterfall is actually Coban Kembar Watu Ondo or twin waterfalls with stone stairs. There are two beautiful waterfalls which facing each other. For the right one, it has 15 meters height while the another reaches 69 meters. Besides there is also the iconic selfie spot “Love Sign”. But you need to pass by the stone stairs to reach this place. If you depart from Malang, you can take a route to Selecta after that go to Cangar. This Coban Watu Ondo is located near Cangar. For the ticket entrance: 10,000 IDR.

Coban Buntung

Coban Buntung is the second natural tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia. According to its name “Buntung” or stump, this waterfall sounds unique. The reason why it’s stump because it only has one  road can be accessed to the main spot. Not only that, you will also need to walk to split two-meters reeds and climb four meters high rock. But all of these are nothing when you see the waterfall. This Coban is located almost 19 kilometers from the center of Batu City.

Coban Kedung

Coban Kedung is the third natural tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia. This next destination is also unique because it mixes between waterfall and river flow or Kendang. It has about 20 meters height and 25 meters width. The location of the river flow is below the waterfall. Something that makes this place unique is the wide shape of river flow with not too heavy water debit. Location : Sentong, Bantur, Malang.

Coban Jodo

Coban Jodo is the fourth natural tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia. Coban Jodo was named after the the hereditary story of someone who escaped from the invaders to Coban. In addition, there were also two coban in one location that made them named Jodo or mate. You must walk for about 1-2 km with footpath track which has 1 meter wide, descent steep and incline. Location : Bendolawang, Krajan Bendolaw, Ngadirejo, Jabung, Malang.

Coban Ciblungan

Coban Ciblungan is the fifth natural tourism in Batu Malang Indonesia. This coban has its uniqueness from the waterfall flows. Although it has not too high waterfall like the others, but it has very clear water around. You will be surrounded by green plants which makes you feel like home. It will be difficult for you to leave this comfortable place. Location: Dampit street, Lumajang, Purwoharjo, Ampelgading, Sumberpitu, Malang.

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