Recommendation of  Beautiful Tourism in Malang Indonesia

Malang is the second big city after  Surabaya in East Java Indonesia. It’s popular with beautiful tourism and chilling temperature. As it lies in highland area, you will be captivated with natural and beautiful tourism in Malang Indonesia. For those who are from other city, you can visit Malang easily because there is an Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport. For other transportation, you also can find them with affordable price. If you have a plan for traveling in Malang, there are recommendation of beautiful tourism in Malang Indonesia that you can see in this article. You might be so confused where to go in Malang. That’s why it’s a good idea to go to some places below.

Rondo Waterfall

The first recommendation of beautiful tourism in Malang Indonesia is Rondo Waterfall. It’s located in Desa Pandesari, Pujon. If you want to see its natural attraction and feel the chill air, you need to spend about an hour from Malang to reach this place. But for easier, it’s better for you to use private transportation. At the time you arrive, you will be mesmerized by a beautiful waterfall. Not only enjoying the waterfall itself, you also can find exciting and challenging rides such as Paint Ball and Fun Tubing. Besides, you also can take pictures at the iconic Coban Rondo Labyrinth. For the entrance, you don’t need to spend much money because this place offers affordable ticket price.

Ngudel Beach

The second recommendation of beautiful tourism in Malang Indonesia is Ngudel Beach. Actually there are many beautiful beaches in Malang. But visiting Ngudel Beach is a must when you are in Malang. Although it’s not as crowded as the other popular beaches, but this what makes Ngudel Beach becomes more attractive. It’s located in Desa Sindurejo, Gedangan, Malang. You can see its beautiful and clear sand as well as the fairly high waves. There are also some spots you can utilize for taking pictures. One more thing you can get in this beach is Asmara Hill. From this hill, you can see the scenery around Ngudel Beach easily. But be careful with the road on this hill especially when the rainy season comes. Don’t worry about the entrance ticket because it’s affordable.

Sempu Island

For those who like adventure, you should visit this recommendation of beautiful tourism in Malang Indonesia. It’s because there are challenges you will face to reach this place. Firstly, it requires you to spend about two until three hours journey. You can take the route from Sendang Biru Beach to Sempu Island with affordable entrance ticket. After that, you can rent the boat to reach Sempu Island.Secondly, you will pass the dense forest and steep paths with sharp stones. In simple, you must prepare yourself well before visiting this island. But all your efforts will be worth at the time you enter it. There is a beautiful lagoon protected from sea water that you can see. The waves that hit the lagoon will tide when the sun rises. Therefore, you can use it to swim or play.

Bidadari Bay

If you like serenity, you can visit this recomendation of beautiful tourism in Malang Indonesia. It’s located in Mbehi Beach, Desa Sumberbening, Kecamatan Bantur. Mbehi Beach itself is located in n west Sagu Beach. You need to spend about 30 minutes journey from Mbehi Beach to Sagu Beach. Not only this, you still need to do tracking to the Bidadari Bay. It sounds so tiring, isn’t it? But this long journey and your fatigue will be exchanged with something unique from this bay which is the existence of two natural swimming pools. You will see the bursts of water from behind the reef which makes this island becomes more beautiful.

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