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The Iconic Wonderful Malang Indonesia

After knowing beautiful tourism in Malang Indonesia, you should also know which places are iconic. It’s very useful to be your references when you visit Malang. For those who don’t have much time to explore all the natural tourism, you can visit some iconic wonderful Malang Indonesia. This article will suggest you for the best places in Malang. All are easy to reach because the iconic are more popular than the rare place to visit by the tourist.

Tugu Town Square

When you visit Malang, you really should visit this number one of the iconic wonderful Malang Indonesia. Tugu Town Square or Alun-Alun Tugu is actually a common garden like others. But it has beautiful view because there are many flowers, lights with flower shapes, clean green grass, and the iconic one Tugu or Monument. According to its history, this monument began to be built during the Dutch colonial era. That’s why no wonder if the building of this monument looks classic. You can find this Town Square easily because it’s located in the center of this city which is close to Malang Kota Baru Station.

Bromo Mountain

The next iconic wonderful Malang Indonesia to visit is Bromo Mountain. It’s the most popular mountain in Malang which is often visited by many tourists local and international. For those nature lovers, this mountain is very recommended. Besides beautiful mountain, you also can visit the Berbisik Sand. But commonly people visit this mountain to see sunrise and sunset. No wonder if you never find this place quiet. For the rute, you can transit from Malang-Tumpang-Gubugklakah-Ngandas-Jemplang- and Bromo. You will spend about 2,5 hours journey. Don’t worry about the steep terrain because you can rent a car that can take you to destination. Prepare yourself well by bringing thick jacket and foods.


What’s next iconic wonderful Malang Indonesia? It’s Paralayang. As we know that Malang has many beautiful natural tourism. You might be already imagine what kind of place is this. Based on its name, Paralayang or paragliding is one of those extreme sports which is very good for your adrenaline. You will feel the sensation of flying using a parachute while seeing beautiful scenery. You don’t need to pay for entrance ticket. But there will be some fee you will spend if you want to try this sport.

Wonosari Tea Plantation

Wonosari Tea Plantation is the next iconic wonderful Malang Indonesia. If you are bored visiting beach or mountain, you can find different place. Wonosari Tea Plantation is the best place for those who want to relax themselves from any activities or fatigue. As it’s located in highland, you will feel the chill temperature. For the address, this plantation is located in Desa Toyomarto, Kecamatan Singosari, Malang. There are some facilities in this place such as hotel, restaurant, and sport center. So you will not only see the process of picking tea leaves but also the beautiful scenery. For the entrance ticket, you don’t need to worry because it’s affordable.

Colorful Village of Jodipan

The last iconic wonderful Malang Indonesia is Colorful Village of Jodipan. For those who like to capture moments at colorful spots, this is a must to visit. This village is located in Kelurahan Jodipan, Kecamatan Blimbing, Malang. Since the opening of this tour, Colorful Village of Jodipan becomes a popular destination. You will find some spots including the glass bridge. Find your instagramable spots to take pictures and post them to your social media. For the transportation, it’s better for you to use motor cycle because you can park it near the entrance. But it’s also fine if you use car that you can park in front of several shops which are located in south of the crossroads.