A Must Visit Malang Beach Festival

malang beach festival

As a tropical country, Indonesia has beautiful beaches in its every city. But in fact, the most visited destination by foreign tourists is Bali. You can explore this country more by visiting other places with beautiful beaches. Malang is one of those places which is a must to visit. If you never heard this city before, Malang is located in East Java. You can take a route from Surabaya to Malang which is approximately two hours trip. There is a big event which is happening this month namely Malang Beach Festival. This is actually the second year of this Beach festival. But the main event was already held in 15 – 16 September. As it was opened by its Regent, Malang Beach Festival is not just an event but also a medium to introduce beautiful tourism Malang Indonesia as well as the culture and culinary to the world. Don’t worry because you still can join it these days. You can take a look at more detail information below.

Where does This Event take Place?

According to its name, of course this Malang Beach Festival held at beach. But you shoud know that it’s not only take place in one area. There are some beaches such as Balekambang Beach, Nganteb Beach, Ungapan Beach and many more. All of them are located in along the coast of southern Malang. So, for those beach lovers, it’s a chance for you to join this festival and learn more about Malang culture. This is open to anyone and followed by participants from abroad.

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What’s Exciting from This Festival?

Besides it takes place in different areas, this Malang Beach Festival also offers exciting activities. There are Kite Festival, Nganteb On Stage Music Festival, Jetski Exhibition, Sunset Marathon Beach 2, and others. The most important event you should not miss about from this festival is cultural carnival in 29 September 2018. As this event held to celebrate the 1258th Anniversary of Malang Regency, this carnival start from morning to evening. You can join and free to choose the theme. It can be about cultural potential or tourism. For those who want to stay overnight but don’t know where to stay, this Malang Beach Festival provides you home stays.