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How to Trip to Bromo Malang Indonesia Tips to Follow

Bromo mountain is the iconic of wonderful Malang Indonesia which attracts many people to visit. There are also already many people who discuss about how to trip to Bromo Malang Indonesia. Even though this volcano is still active, but there are always many tourists come every year especially in holiday season. Bromo has an altitude of 2,329 meters above the sea and it’s  in four districts which are Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. That’s why if you want to go to this most popular tourism destination in East Java, you can take a rute from some locations. Besides the beauty of the mountain, you also can learn about the ritual which held regularly in this place namely Upacara Kasodo. Are you interested in to come to this mountain? You should follow first the tips of how to trip to Bromo Malang Indonesia below.

Choose the Suitable Transportation

The first thing you need to think about is transportation. But before choosing the most suitable one, you should know from where you want to go. If your departure location is in Malang, it’s good for you to use the private transportation or you can rent it. The rute will be start from Malang – Tumpang-Gubugklakah – Ngadas – Jemplang – and last is Bromo Mountain which is  53 kilometers away. Although he climb is quite steep, but your trip will be paid off with a beautiful view.

You also can take a rute from Surabaya to Probolinggo or Surabaya to Malang. It’s not a problem if  you want to try to use public transportation. When you start your trip from Surabaya, you can find inter-city bus that heads to Pasuruan or Probolinggo bus station. It will spend about 2 hours journey. While for those who want to take a rute from Surabaya to Malang, you can use bus and spend about 2 hours journey. After that, you still need to go to Pananjaka using angkot or local mini bus. In reaching the Bromo Mountain, you should rent the jeep which will be discussed in the next point.

Rent the Jeep

When you want to explore the beauty of this Bromo Mountain, you need to rent the jeep. This is the second point of how to trip to Bromo Malang Indonesia. But before that you also need to prepare about the entrance fee. For Indonesians, you need to spend about 27,500 IDR or 37, 500 IDR in holiday season. While for foreigners, you will spend 217,500 IDR or 317,500 IDR in hoilday season. After that you can choose which tour you want. If you prefer short tour, you will watch the sunrise from Penanjakan Viwpoint and climb the mountain before you back to hotel. But if you prefer long journey more, you will visit the Pasir Berbisik or Whispering Sands and Savana Hill. The price of the jeep rental start from IDR 500,000 until 850,000 IDR according to the season.

Adjust to the Existing Tours

The third thing you need to think about is adjust to the existing tours. If you want simplicity using tour service, you will find some offers. For those who already stay in hotel in Surabaya, you can join Bromo Midnight tour. You will be picked up at midnight and arrive in Bromo to see the sunrise. Fro those who stay in Malang or Probolinggo, you also can choose the best tour packages. This is the last point of how to trip to Bromo Malang Indonesia that you can follow.