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Tips for Traveling in Malang Indonesia with Low Budget

Whether you want to do it backpacker or using travel agent, traveling in Malang Indonesia is always fun. The first reason why you should visit this apple city is because its chilling temperature. Different with other famous cities like Jakarta or Surabaya, Malang has cooler air. The second reason, you will not only get a kind of attraction because there are many things that can make Malang becomes unique. The third reason why you should visit Malang is because you will spend low budget. You can make a comparison with the other big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya. Traveling in Malang Indonesia is more affordable. But you still need to arrange how to traveling in Malang with low budget because not all destinations offer affordable price. There are some tips below that you can follow.

Rent Motorbike

When you want to spend your holiday in Malang, the important thing you shoukd think about first is about the transportation. Since you have a plan for traveling in Malang Indonesia with low budget, it’s good for you to rent motorbike. Even though there are “angkot” or mini bus which offers affordable price, but it could be difficult for you to explore Malang more. That’s why it’s better to rent motorbike so that you can explore the city or further. You can search on Google which rental is trusted and affordable.

Choose the Low Season

The second way you can follow for traveling in Malang Indonesia is choosing the low season to visit. We all know that visiting destination in peak season will be expensive. As the consequence, you cant enjoy your holiday because of crowded and of course the high price for hotel. That’s why you need to prepare well the right time before by utilizing travel application.

Explore Nature More

The next way for traveling in Malang Indonesia with low budget is explore nature more. As we discussed about, Malang has many attractions such as the famous Jawa Timur Park or Museum Angkut. You still actually can visit these places with low budget if you choose low season. But for more enjoying, it’s better for you to explore nature. You can go to the beautiful beach in Malang Indonesia. See all the recommendations of beautiful beaches and plan a trip here. Besides, there are also destinations such as flower garden and Rabbit Field.

Don’t Forget to Try Affordable Malang Culinary

Visiting Malang without trying its culinary is not enough. There are many culinary destinations that you can find easily from restaurant until food stall. Soekarno Hatta or Suhat Street is one of the examples of culinary destination with various kinds of food. For those who want to try unique foods in Malang you can try Orem-Orem, Malang Meatball, and Cwimie (noodle).