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Recommendation of Artificial Tours in Batu Malang Indonesia

Batu City is a popular tourism destination in East Java Indonesia . From Malang, it’s about an hour journey to spend. For those  who are looking for place for holiday, Batu is a great place to visit. You can choose which kind of tour you prefer more. If you are familiar with natural attraction in Batu Malang like Bromo Mountain or Goa China Beach, there are also other alternatives for artificial tours. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to do “heavy activities” like climbing. This article will give you recommendation of artificial tours in Batu Malang Indonesia.

Batu Flower Garden

The first recommendation of artificial tours in Batu Malang Indonesia is Batu Flower Garden. For those who adore the beauty of flowers, you can go to Batu Flower Garden or BFG. There are colorful flowers and beautiful spots to take pictures. Besides, It won the best artificial tourism category received by Mayor of Batu City. That’s why it’s a must for you to visit BFG. Not only panoramas and beautiful scenery, but there are also attractions such as swings are installed between trees and sky bike. You will spend 7,500 IDR for entrance ticket and different fee for any attractions.

Address: Oro-Oro Ombo, Batu City, Malang

Dino Park

The second recommendation of artificial tours in Batu Malang Indonesia is Dino Park. For those who ever heard about Jawa Timur Park or East Java Park, this Dino Park is part of Jawa Timur Park 3. It’s the newest artificial destination which offers dino-themed attractions. For those who like Jurassic Park movie, this the right place to visit. There are dinosaur replicas that make this location interesting especially for kids. Besides, there are also other attractions such as Ice Age zone, Infinity world, The House of Zombie and many more. You will spend 110,000 IDR on the weekdays and weekend to enter Dino Park.

Address: 112  Ir. Soekarno Street, Beji, Junrejo, Batu City.

The Bagong Adventure (Human Body Museum)

The third recommendation of artificial tours in Batu Malang Indonesia is The Bagong Adventure. This Human Body Museum is part of Jawa Timur Park 1. It’s a good place for those who spend their time with family including kids. There are human body reliefs with Bagong characters. Bagong itself is one of the Punakawan figures in the wayang (puppet) stories that developed in Central and East Java. From this museum, you can educate your kids about all pars of  human body such as brain, eyes, ears, liver, and many more. You will spend 40,000 IDR on the weekdays and 60,000 IDR on the weekend.

Address: 2 Kartika Street, Sisir, Batu City.

Batu Secret Zoo

The fourth recommendation of artificial tours in Batu Malang is Batu Secret Zoo. Modern and educational is the concept of this zoo. For those who don’t know, it’s a part of Jawa tImur Park 2. Besides animals collection, there are also about 20 rides you can try. For more specific animal, there are some zones which divide animal species such as Monkey Island, Reptile Garden, and Baby Zoo. All of them are from different countries like Asia, Africa, and Australia. You will spend regular ticket which is 84,000 IDR on the weekdays and 120,000 IDR on the weekend.

Address: 9 Oro-Oro Ombos Street, Temas, Batu City.

Batu Night Spectacular

The fifth recommendation of artificial tours in Batu Malang is Batu Night Spectacular. It’s also a good destination for family vacation to visit. So, it’s not only good for young generation but also for all ages. There are attractions and rides you can try such as Spectacular Show, Merry Go Round, Lantern Garden, 4D Theater, and Ghost House. Not only that, there are also facilities like Night Market to buy unique souvenirs and Food court for culinary. For the entrance ticket, you will spend 30,000 IDR on the weekdays and 40,000 on the weekend.

Address: 1 Hayam Wuruk Street, Oro-Oro Ombo, Batu City.

Batu Wonderland Water Park and Resort

Batu Wonderland also a good place in Batu Malang to visit. According to the name, it’s not only water park but also resort. If you are looking for resort to stay with water park facility, this is the right place for you. There are variety of water games that are worth to try one by one.You will find two giant slides with octopus shape, playground in the middle, and 2 pools with different depths.But don’t worry because you can rent a swimming float. You will spend 20,000 IDR for waterboom, 10,000 IDR for a large size, and 5,000 IDR for a small swimming float. For the resort, there will be different price according to type you choose which is around 299,000 IDR until 699,OOO IDR. While for the entrance ticket to the Batu Wonderland, you need to spend 10,000 IDR on the weekdays and 20,000 on the weekend.

Address: 9 Imam Bonjol Street, Temas, Batu City.

Eco Green Park

What else recommended artificial tours in Batu? Eco Green Park becomes the next destination to visit. This place has fun and study jungle adventure. So, this also becomes a perfect medium to educate your children. You can try the rides as well as learning about anything inside this park like animals. There are  Animal Farm, Insectarium, Biogas Park, and the unique Upside Down House. According to its name, this park built with international standards. It will be comfortable and safety to visit by foreigner tourists. For the entrance ticket, you need to spend 40,000 IDR on the weekdays and 60,000 IDR on the weekend.

Address: 9A Oro-Oro Ombo Street, Sisir, Batu City.

Museum Angkut (Transport Museum)

The last recommendation to visit is Museum Angkut or Transport Museum. Even though the main attraction of this place is the display of transportation from generation to generation, but there are other amusing attraction. Built on an area of 3.8 hectares, you can find this museum very wide. There are some locations which divided into some zones such as Gangster Town and Broadway Street, Batavia Zone, Buckingham Palace Zone and many more. For the entrance ticket, you will spend 80,000 on the weekdays and 100,000 on the weekend.

Address: 2 Terusan Sultan Agung Street, Ngaglik, Batu City.