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Destination for Family Vacation in Malang Indonesia

Planning a vacation with family is a good choice. If you rarely meet your family because of respective activities, you should plan it start from now. Malang is one of the best destinations which offers many attractions. Not only domestic tourists, but there are also foreign tourists who spend their holiday in Malang. If you don’t have idea where should you go with family, you can take a look at destination for family vacation in Malang Indonesia through this article. But before you visit this city, you should not forget to bring camera. Don’t miss any moments you spend with your family in these places below.

Flower Garden Selecta

Flower Garden Selecta is the first recommendation for family vacation in Malang Indonesia. Walking around the garden with beautiful view is perfect to do with family. The park itself is spacious and surrounded by thousands of flowers. You can find the best spot such as “Love Sign” in front of the garden to take pictures. For those who don’t want to walk, there is a manual train that you can utilize to explore the area from above the garden. This wonderful Malang destination is located in  Selecta Street, Tourism City Batu, Malang. For the entrance ticket, you will spend 25,000 IDR.

Rabbit Field

The second destination to visit is also garden. But it’s different because there are many adorable rabbits. This park is in the form of a hill with the presence of rabbit houses. For those who have children, Rabbit Field is the best place to visit. There is a “Hobbit House” in the middle of this area to be a spot to take pictures. For your information, you can interact with rabbits in this area. So, when you have a chance to touch them, be ready to take a picture. Rabbit Field is located in Paralayang Street, Pandesari, Malang.

Angkut Museum

Besides garden, there is also museum you can visit namely Angkut Museum. There are transportation equipment from the traditional until modern. Through this museum, you can learn about the transportation you found here. All of them are used from year to year in all around the world. Besides transportation, there are many instagramable spots to take pictures. Buckingham Palace, Parade Hollywood, and Gangster Town are just few examples. You can walk around all the area and prepare your camera. This museum is located in Terusan Sultan Agung Steet, Ngaglik, Batu, Malang. But before you enter this place, you need to spend 75,000 IDR for the ticket in weekdays and 10,000 IDR in weekends.

Jawa Timur Park

For those who want to take a family vacation in famous destination, Jawa Timur Park is the answer.  There are Jawa Timur Park 1, 2, and 3 that you can choose. You might be confused which place suitable for you among these three. But this article will give you some difference of these places. For the Jawa Timur Park, it has about 53 rides such as Galaxy Bumper Car, Kids Playground, and Sky Ride. Not only this, you also can visit educational places like Human Body Museum and Learning Gallery and Science Stadium. For the Jawa Timur Park 2, it has about 35 rides to try. Although it has less number of rides, but Jawa Timur Park 2 is more interesting with its concept of education. While for the Jawa Timur Park, it has dinosaur theme. For those who like anything about dinosaur, this is perfect place to visit. This is the newest destination  which offer very modern attraction. There are Dino Museum, Unlimited Space, and Ice Age.

Batu Night Spectacular

If you want to spend your time with family at night, it’s a good idea to visit Batu Night Spectacular or BNS. When you visit this destination for family vacation in Malang Indonesia, you will get more than just one attraction. Not only trying all the rides but you will also can visit mall, market, and sport center in one area. For those who want to take pictures, you can visit Lampion Garden. There are many attractive lampion or lanterns which are shaped like animals and flowers. For more challenging, you can visit the Ghost House. Feel the sensation of horror and be ready for the surprise. This BNS is located in Hayam Wuruk No.1 Street, Oro-Oro Ombo, Batu, Malang.

Hawai Waterpark

The last destination which is perfect for family vacation in Malang Indonesia is Hawai Waterpark. This is an alternative destination to refresh your mind. It’s the  largest water tourism in Malang. There are variety of water tours that will not make your holiday boring. You can boost your adrenaline in the Hula-Hula and Wailele slides. This Waterpark is located in Graha Kencana Raya Street, Banjararum, Singosari, Malang.