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Recommendation of Tour Packages in Malang Indonesia

Many conveniences to get is the most reason why people use travel agent service these days. It becomes a business field anywhere including in Malang. There are tour packages in Malang Indonesia to choose. But in fact, it’s true that in using travel agent, we just need to prepare the budget and schedule for our holiday. Even though we can do backpacking to explore place to place in Malang, but sometimes it doesn’t go according to our plan. Don’t need to hesitate anymore to use travel agent because there are some recommendation of tour packages in Malang Indonesia below.

Yuk Kita Wisata

In the previous article, you can find some recommendations of tour packages in Batu Malang Indonesia. All of them are more specific for those who want to get tour packages in Batu such as in Bromo Mountain. While for this time, the recommendation will be more focusing on Malang. Yuk Kita Wisata or Let’s Travel is the first travel agent you can choose. It has Yuk Smart Wisata or Let’s Travel Smart with three slogans which are  Smart Happy, Smart Satisfy,and Smart Clean. So, not only happiness you get but also environmental hygiene during travel. Just simply go to the website and  click Malang Tour packages. There will be some additional options like date for travelling and car rental. Address: 4 Ikan Belinda Street, Housing  Sumpil Permai, Malang.

Nahwa Tour

Nahwa Tour is the second recommendation of tour packages in Malang Indonesia to choose. There are some offers you can find in here such as Malang Tour Packages, Batu Bromo, and private and corporate tours. For those who want private or in group tours, this travel agent becomes a right place for you.There will be some schedules on its website that you can see. You just need to prepare budget and adjust the dates. Address: 36 Letjen Soetoyo Street, 5 Alley, Lowokwaru, Malang.

Wisata Malang Batu

Wisata Malang Batu is the third recommendation of tour packages in Malang Indonesia. For those who don’t have much time to explore Malang more, you can choose full day travel. You will spend a day to visit some destination in Malang including Batu attractions. There will be tour schedules that you can see on its website. You can adjust the member of people who wat to join for tours and the price.

Rona Persada Tour

Rona Persada Tour is the next recommendation of tour packages in Malang Indonesia. This travel agent also the right place for those who want full day or one day tour in Malang. There are many popular destinations which you can see through its website. Even you can custom which destination you want to visit and this agent will organize it for you. Address: 2 Terusan Karate Satu Street, Ngaglik, Batu Malang.