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Looking for Beautiful Hotel in Malang Indonesia?  Find out Here

All this time, maybe you only find exotic hotels in Bali. But you should know that Indonesia is not only Bali. There are still other cities which have the same beauty. Malang is one of the examples of city with beautiful hotels. You can stay in a beautiful hotel in Malang Indonesia for your holiday. Although it’s only a place to stay, but it affects comfortness during our free time. You want to get the best hotel, don’t you?There are some recommendations of beautiful hotel in Malang Indonesia which can make your holiday complete.

Kampung Lumbung Hotel

Looking for luxurious hotels is actually not difficult. It’s because commonly those which luxurious are already popular. But for more different atmosphere, you can stay in place which close to nature. Kampung Lumbung Hotel is the first recommendation of beautiful hotel in Malang Indonesia. It has a traditional concept that you can see through its furniture with woods domination. It will make you feel like close with the nature. Not only that, you can see sunrise in the morning from the balcony and hear bird chirping.

Address: 1 Ir Sukarno No.1 Street, Beji, Junrejo, Batu City.

Jambuluwuk Batu Resort

Jambuluwuk Batu Resort is the next beautiful hotel in Malang Indonesia to choose. The main attractions from this hotel are swimming pool and restaurant at the upper floor. You can spend your day sitting in front of the swimming pool to see sunrise or sunset. Meanwhile at night, you can see the beauty of Malang city lights.

Address: 99 Trunojoyo Street, Songgokerto, Batu City.

Mulyono Villa

Mulyono Villa is also a good recommendation of beautiful hotel in Malang Indonesia to visit. Even though it looks so traditional from the front look, but when you enter the hotel, it also provides modern interior design. Besides, there is also outdoor swimming pool with beautiful view that you can use. One more reason why you should choose this place is because it’s located in the middle of a beautiful apple orchard. You will feel the chilling temperature as well as Batu City landscape.

Address: Salam Street, Bumiaji, Sidomulyo, Batu.

Ubud Hotel & Villas Malang

What’s next beautiful hotel in Malang Indonesia? Ubud Hotel & Villa Malang is also a must to choose. According to its name, it may remains you of Ubud Bali. Yup you are right that this hotel presents Bali atmosphere through its architectural design.It’s located in the hilly valley which adds Bali impression. For those who don’t have time to go to Bali, it’s a good idea to stay in Ubud Hotel Malang. Not only beautiful, but this hotel also belongs to unique hotel in Malang Indonesia. Your day will be more complete because you also can eat Balinese specialties like Chicken Betutu and Satay Lilit.

Address: 44 Bend. Sigura-Gura Barat Street, Karangbesuki, Sukun, Malang City.

Amarta Hills Hotel & Resort

Amarta Hills Hotel & Resort is the fifth recommendation of beautiful hotel in Malang. Want to get beautiful mountain view while staying in hotel? Amarta Hills Hotel & Resort is the answer. Mount Arjuna becomes the background for every picture you take. For those nature lovers, you will be amazed by its view from swimming pool, balcony, and outdoor cafe. From the hotel itself, it has minimalist but modern concept.

Address: Abdul Gani Atas Street, Batu City.

Purnama Hotel

Purnama Hotel is the fifth beautiful hotel in Malang to choose. It’s a legend hotel which still becomes a strategic place to stay because it’s close to many tourist attractions including Cangar, Selecta Recreational Park and of Songgoriti. Besides, there are also other facilities such as swimming pool, coffee shop, restaurant, spa & sauna, and many more.

Address: 1-15 Selecta Street, Punten, Bumiaji, Batu City.

Singhasari Resort

Singhasari Resort is the sixth beautiful hotel in Malang to choose. This is one of the famous five start resort in Malang. As it’s five start resort, you need to prepare your budget first. It offers luxurious accommodation with a private balcony to be your best place to stay. There are also many facilities like poolside bar, restaurant, as well as for sport activity such as fitness center.

Address: 120 Ir. Soekarno Street, Beji, Batu City.