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What Makes Camping a Great Family Vacation

What Makes Camping a Great Family Vacation

Do you remember back when you were just a young kid and Dad would come home from work and say, “let’s go fishing?” I remember when I was around ten years old my Dad would come home from work and say “hey kid, let’s get our rods and go fishing.” I was not much on the fishing but I did love the one on one time that I had with my dad on those fishing trips, but what I liked most were the family vacation camping trips. So maybe your family was not like mine, but it is never too late to have a family vacation camping trip.

Some camping areas have log cabins, boat ramps, paddle boats, and many more activities that will make your family vacation camping trip the best family vacation ever. Families can rent cabins and spend a weekend and sometimes a week cooking out and fishing and swimming.

When camping, you might want to bring a radio so that you can keep up with the weather, but other than that, you really do not need any electronic devices. During the day you could fish, swim, and play volleyball maybe even some badminton. Sandwiches are always a family favorite and easy meal when on a camping trip. After lunch, mom and dad can hunker down, enjoy a good book, and relax while the kids play. Nature hikes are a great way to spend some of your family vacation time when on a camping trip.

Camping is a good and fun way to bring the family back together. Camping does not have any distractions such as a cell phone, Game Boy, or television. Sit around a campfire and eat s’mores while telling scary stories until you fall asleep. Your family will love the closeness and fun time memories you are creating.

Camping in log cabins is not the only way to enjoy camping. You can camp in tents and RVs as well. It is even fun to camp out underneath the stars. Having the stars as your roof is beautiful and you will be able to look for constellations and falling stars while you lay in your sleeping bag.

There is nothing like hanging out with your family playing games and fishing on a camping trip. Many families have a family vacation camping trip family reunion. Imagine having about 100 or more family members to come together and share recipes, pictures, and just catch up on family news. For such a large group you might want to cheat a little and have barbeque catered in for the whole family, but it will still be a lot of fun.

What is so sad is that young people today just are not into camping. They are more into television or Game Boys or cell phones. A family vacation is a time to get to know each other.