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Camping at Festivals

Camping at Festivals

People go camping for different reasons; to relieve stress, bond with friends or for new experiences. One of the more common reasons people go out to camp but is often overlooked is camping during festivals, particularly music festivals. Music fans would flock to these festivals to spend a night under the stars with great music.

Unlike the usual camping trips where people go to campsites, usually in or near forests, camping festivals are usually held in large open spaces not very far from or within the city. Because camping at festivals are by nature different, there are also different considerations when going to such festivals.

If you are used to bringing a lot of extra equipment during camping trips, you should not bring as much when camping at festivals. Festival camps tend to be very crowded and bringing too much equipment will use up more space. Instead, bring only the things that you consider essential. This is also to make sure that you can keep an eye on your things because with the large crowd, things could get lost easily.

You do not need to bring a big tent that is built for extreme weather conditions. Music festivals happen during fair weather so you can bring a regular tent. It should be lightweight and easy to set up so that it will be easy for you to move to a different spot if you need to. Bring a tent that is the right size. If you are going alone, bring a one-man tent. This helps conserve space and make way for other campers.

Make sure that you bring the essential things like a water container, sleeping bag, flashlight, dining utensils and a radio. As for food, most camping festivals have booths that sell food to campers. However, make sure that you ask before you assume because you don’t want to end up starved during the festival. Bring enough depending on how long you plan to stay in the camping festival. Some festivals last for weeks while others only last for one night.

As mentioned earlier, camping festivals bring in a huge crowd and if you try to search online for pictures of camping festivals, you will see that most of the ground area will be full of tents that there is almost no space left for anything else. One of the things that liven up camping festivals is the myriad of colors of all the tents. No doubt it looks very beautiful from afar but not when you are looking for your tent. Sometimes camping festivals can bring in thousands of campers that you will sometimes have a hard time finding your way back to your tent. If you need to leave your spot, always remember the path you took so that you will be able to retrace your steps. Some festival campers leave a small flag on top of their tents to recognize them easily.

Camping Festivals are a great way to meet new friends. Try to get to know some of the people that you meet during festivals. Because you have a common interest, it will not be hard to start a conversation and gain new friends.