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Branding – Why Your First Impression is Critical

Branding – Why Your First Impression is Critical

You have a great product to offer to your customers. You have your customer service strategy down pat. You know how to provide quality service. But there’s one thing that grabs customers more than anything else: a first branding impression.

What a new customer sees the first time they enter your store is one of the most important–and yet most underrated–parts of doing business. The first impression you make on potential customers can make or break a sale.

Why A First Branding Impression Is So Important

We’ve heard of the importance of first impressions on dates and in corporate business deals. But the branding first impression that you make with a new or prospective customer can determine how successful your firm will be as a whole. If you create a favorable first impression to many different prospective customers, chances are that your business will be a success.

Here are some examples of a customer’ first contact with your company:

The telephone How do you answer the telephone? How do you handle a price quote? What kind of image do you convey over the phone?

A newspaper advertisement Does your newspaper ad reach out and create an emotional connection with its reader? Does it cause them to want to come back time and time again?

Customer walking into your store on the spur of the moment What kind of image of your company does the customer first see?

How To Make The Most Of A First Impression

A first impression can take on many different forms. Here’s how to make a positive first impression on your customer:

Ask yourself what is the central theme, characteristic, or personality of your company? Translate this theme into the image you want to convey.

Decide on one centrally themed concept and logo to showcase your company’s image.

Place your concept design and logo on anything associated with your business.

Examples include:



business cards


newspaper ads


the front counter

The more potential customers see your main branding, the more likely they will buy into what you are doing. Additionally, the more confidence they gain from their first impression, the more likely they will buy.

Public Relations Creates Impressions, Too

A public relations campaign is another important part of creating a good first impression.

A public relations initiative establishes your brand. It showcases your quality services and products. It defines your employees as experts. And it is enhanced over the lifetime of your company.

One way to spotlight your firm as an expert in your industry is to make yourself available for local media interviews. A professional marketing and public relations agency is the best way to secure these interviews.

Another effective strategy is to hold public events and appear at local festivals and trade shows. If you make yourself available to prospective customers in a semi-casual environment, they are more likely to come to you when they need your services.

By keeping first impressions in mind when developing all branding and public relations strategies, business owners can expertly craft the best impression possible and gain new customers.