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Need More Challenges? Visit Malang Adventure

Lies between several mountains, Malang is a perfect place for climbers. Bromo is one of them that attracts many visitors every years. There are some activities to do in Bromo. No wonder that tourism in Malang continues to increase. But hiking the mountain only is not enough, you can do more challenging activities by visiting Malang adventure. Don’t waste your time only for visiting famous attractions only. Make your trip memorable and back to Malang again next time when you get a holiday.

Kaliwatu Rafting

Kaliwatu Rafting is the first recommendation  of visit Malang adventure that can boost your adrenaline. For rafting lovers, it’s a must to try rafting in Kaliwatu. It offers the sensation of rafting with a swift river flow. Your rafting would be more exciting  because there are large rocks along the river that make your heart runs fast. Don’t be afraid if you are still a beginner. Kaliwatu Rafting will give you fun rafting option.

Address: 19  Bung Tomo Street, Bumiaji, Batu.

Motor Trail Sawojajar

Tired with your hectic day? There is a recommendation of activity to do. Motor Trail Sawojajar is the right answer to vent your fatigue  from daily life. You can use a guide service for amazing off road routes. There is a recommended place to visit Malang adventure which provides those needs namely Sawojajar Adventure. You will be invited for a tour which starts from Bromo, the slopes of Mount Arjuno, B-29, to the Beach of South Malang. As each path has different level of difficulty, you can request a path according to your ability.

Address: H1B28 Danau Sentani Raya Street, Sawojajar, Malang.

Paragliding in Mount Banyak

The next activity to visit Malang adventure is Paragliding in Mount Banyak. Your feelings will be mixed up to try paragliding.  Flying while enjoying the natural beauty of the air is the benefit you get. But you can’t do it anytime because this sport very depends on weather and wind. It will only can do when  the weather is sunny and the wind blows in the right direction. But commonly, paragliding activities takes place from June to October.

Downhill Trek Klemuk

For adrenaline junkie, there is still one recommendation of activity to do. Biking is very fun to do especially in the challenging trek. When you visit Malang adventure, you can try off road bikes or downhill bikes in Songgoriti hill trek. You will really feel your adrenaline boost. Prepare your energy before trying this because it drains a lot of energy.