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Activities to Do when You Plan aTrip Malang Bromo

Although it can be categorized as nature tourism, but Bromo also offers attractions even more beautiful. For those who like to do outdoor activities, it’s a good idea to plan a trip Malang Bromo. For those who never come to Mount Bromo, it’s located in Bromo, Tengger, and  Semeru National Park in East Jave Province. This mount becomes a travel destination that include to 10 best volcanoes. There are many activities you can do when you plan a trip Malang Bromo  below. But make sure that you anticipate some things before traveling to Malang Bromo.

Hiking around Mount Bromo

Hiking around Mount Bromo is the first activity to do when you plan a trip Malang Bromo. Even though you can walk around, but it’s impossible to explore all the area by foot. For more challenging, you can hiking the Mount Bromo. You don’t need to bring carrier because the climb is only about 15 minutes through the concrete steps. When you reach Bromo Peak, you will be amazed by the spectacular view.

Camping in Ranu Kumbolo

Besides hiking, camping also good to do for trip Malang Bromo. You can se your camp on the side of Ranu Kumbolo. If you don’t know hat is Ranu Kumbolo, it’s a small lake which becomes a favorite campers for the Semeru climbers. There will be a possibility to see the sunrise right between two hills and feel the atmosphere with thin mist floating around the surface of lake.

Ride a Horse or Jeep  along “Whispering Sand”

There is one more unique and fun activity to do for a trip Malang Bromo which is ride a horse along whispering sand. As it’s too wide to explore all sides of Mount Bromo, you can feel the different nuance by riding a horse. You will be invited to explore several places. But if you want to explore further and longer, you can rent a jeep. Down the sand using these way will make your trip Malang Bromo more fun.

Bathing in Madakaripura Waterfall

Bathing could also be fun to do when you plan a trip Malang Bromo. Madakaripura Waterfall is the right place for you to visit. It’s a unique waterfall because it has 200 meters high or the highest in Java. But you must be careful before bathing. Check the temperature first so that you will not get cold.

Learn the Daily Llife of Tengger Tribe

Watching sunrise or sunset are the most and often carried out activities to do in Mount Bromo. It’s already everyone’s purpose when they decide to travel Mount Bromo. You can do something more like learn the daily life of Tengger Tribe. They live around Bromo Tengger Semru National Park. If you live in city, it’s the best place for you to get different situation and condition. It’s because they are agrarian society that lives from farming. Besides they also still do ritual like the annual Kasodo.