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Destination Vacation in Malang for Kids

Traveling in Malang is a good option to take. It will not run out to explore Malang tourism one by one. There are nature, educational tours, modern tourism, even culinary tours. You really will comfortable to stay longer in this city especially with its chilling temperature. But mostly, the destination vacation in Malang are kids friendly. You can go whenever you want to visit according to the popularity, ticket price, or others. This article will suggest you about some destination vacation in Malang which are suitable for your kids.

Rabbit Field

Kids would be so happy to interact with animals. Why do not bring your kids for a vacation in Malang? There is a Rabbit Field which is very suitable for family vacation include kids. As it’s a park concept, your kids can play around or run that can make them happy. There are some attractions that you can visit such as Hobbit House, Photography spots, outbound, and many more.

Address: Samaan, Klojen, Pandesari, Pujon, Batu.

Kusuma Agrowisata

Kusuma Agrowisata or Agrotourism Kusuma is a famous tourist area in Batu which is also perfect for your kids. By bringing them to this field, you kids can learn how to pick fruits. When you arrive at this place just simply go to the ticket window and there will be tour packages to choose. Apple Package, Strawberry Package, Agro Education Package, and Tour Study Package are the examples. It’s very good if you also invite all the members of family.

Address: Kusuma Agro Tourism, Abdul Gani Atas Street, Ngaglik, Ngaglik, Batu.

Dino Park

If commonly people prefer to go to Batu Secret Zoo or Eco Green Park, you and your kids can feel the different atmosphere in Dino Park. It’s the newest destination in Malang 2018 to visit. Not only perfect to educate your kids about dinosaur, but also enjoy a moment with family. Besides dinosaur, there are also other attractions such as Ice Age, Fun Tech Plaza, and Legend  Star.

Address: 122 Ir. Soekarno Street, Beji, Junrejo, Batu.


Selecta becomes an alternative destiation vacation in Malang besides Jawa Timur Park or Angkut Museum. This Selecta Park already exists before the new tourism attraction in Batu like Jawa Timur Park and others. Although it’s not a new, but this place good for your kids. They can walk around the park or try the facilities like Water Boom or Flying Fox. But there will be different charge for each ride if you want to try it

Address: Selecta Street, Tulungrejo, Bumiaji, Batu.