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Important Tips Before Traveling Malang Bromo

Mount Bromo always attracts people especially climbers. Not only local tourists who come but also foreigners. It’s reasonable because this active volcano has special attraction. You might ever hear about few attractions such as Teletubies Hill, Whisper Sand, and Mount Pananjakan. But there are also the others like Mentigen Hill, Bromo Milky Way, and Madakaripura Waterfall. It’s a must to plan a traveling Malang Bromo. Explore this most famous mountain in East Java  by travel agent or backpacker. Learn more about how to trip to Bromo first. Then you can pay attention about some important things before traveling Malang Bromo. There are some tips to follow below.

Anticipate the Cold Air

The first thing you should write on your not is anticipating the cold air. As it is located in highland, you will feel the cold air in this Mount. Commonly, Mount Bromo has a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius.That’s why you should prepare a thick jackets,  scarves, gloves and inhalers for those who have asthma before traveling Malang Bromo. Although you like to be in a cold place, but it’s always better to prepare it before.

Don’t Forget to Bring Sunglasses

The second thing you need to prepare for traveling Malang Bromo  is sunglasses. Cold air is not the only challenge you face to visit this Mount. It’s because Bromo has gusts of wind mixed with sand. It will be disturbing for those who have allergic of dust. That’s why it’s the right decision to bring sunglasses to avoid eye irritation.

Prepare Rainfly Tents

For those who want to see sunrise from this Mount, you can spend the night here. But of course you must prepare tents before traveling Malang Bromo or you can rent it. There is a kind of tent which is suitable to use which has the rainfly or hook on its four corners. It will keep your tent safe despite strong winds.

Choose the Right Footwear

The last thing you should prepare for traveling Malang Bromo is choose the right footwear. The right means that you should know which type of footwear comfortable for walking around or hiking the Mount Bromo. Avoid sandal and sneakers because it will damage them. It’s better to wear boots and special sandal for outdoor or hiking.