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Itinerary 3 Days Trip Malang Batu

Because of its amazing nature potential, Batu becomes a favorite destination especially in East Java. It’s a must to have a trip Malang Batu when you have free times. It’s really beneficial to spend your holiday in Batu Malang. There are many attractions which close to each other. Rides, unique museum or artificial tour are just example of those bunch options. Commonly,  the proper traveling time is 3 days. If you want to follow it, you can create itinerary 3 days trip Malang Batu from the suggestion below.

Day 1: Walk Around the City

When you arrive in Batu city, the first activity t do for trip Malang Batu is walk around the city. Which one you prefer more? Visiting Batu from Malang or directly to Batu City. If you choose Malang city, you can rest yourself first at a hotel then explore the city. If your hotel is located near the city center, you can walk around the City Hall or go to Colorful Village Jodipan. While if you want to arrive directly to Batu, you can go to Batu Town Square and explore it at evening. There are many things you can try including the culinary like Sticky Rice Legend Post.  If you want to make your night fun, you can visit Batu Night Spectacular or BNS.

Day 2: Go to Museums and Apple Picking Tour

Go to Museum  and apple picking tour are the next activities to do for trip Malang Batu. If the first day you spend your day in the city, you can explore more Malang Batu through popular museum such as Transport Museum or Museum Angkut or the newest Dino Park. No need to worry about the location because the museums are not to far from the Batu city. While for those who want to try the iconic activity namely apple picking tour, there are three recommendations location which are Kusuma Agrowisata Fruit Garden, Bumiaji Apple Fruit Garden, and Pujon Apple Fruit Garden. If it’s still not enough for you, you can go to coban or beach.

Day 3: Explore Mount Bromo

For the day 3, you can go to a very popular destination Mount Bromo. This is a perfect place if you want to get a memorable moment for your last day to trip Malang Batu. You can explore the Whisper Sand or Savanna. But you should prepare yourself first before visit this mount to make your trip becomes more enjoyable. Don’t miss sunrise or sunset from this mount Bromo.