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Favorite Destinations for Trip Malang 2018

Don’t call yourself as a traveler if you don’t visit Malang yet. It’s because there are many options for tourism destinations. Don’t only visit other cities like Bali or Bandung. There is a recommended city to visit in East Java called Malang. As it attracts visitors from local and international, Malang tourism develops from time to time. We can see that there are favorite destinations for trip Malang 2018. You might be confused to decide among those wonderful Malang. But if you don’t have idea, you can try to visit some places for trip Malang 2018 below.

Dino Park

If you mention about favorite place for trip Malang 2018, Dino Park is the answer. It has just opened this year in East Java Park 3 or Jawa Timur Park 3. It may sounds perfect for kids but you also can visit this Dino Park. There is no age limitation from this new travel destination. You are as adults also can enjoy your day by visiting the attractions like Music World Gallery or the House of Zombie.

Colorful Village Jodipan

Although it’s not a new travel destination, but Colorful Village Jodipan still becomes a favorite place to visit. If you don’t have enough time to explore nature more, you can go to this village. It’s very easy to reach because  it’s located not too far from Malang Kota Baru Station. Trip Malang 2018 would be so fun if you visit Jodipan.

Sky Garden or Taman Langit

Located in Mount Banyak, Sky Garden or Taman Langit becomes the next favorite destination for trip Malang 2018. If you ever browse travel destinations in Malang, you may find this place as one of the recommendations. It’s reasonable because there are some unique attractions such as statues made of roots, animal statues, and  grass-covered mattresses. All of them are very suitable to be the spot for photography.

Pine Cave

If there are too many options for coban or water fall and beach, you can find a different atmosphere for trip Malang 2018 in Pine Cave. At first this place was a sand mining place, but then it transformed into a unique tourist destination. It maximize with panoramic views from the top of the hill. This really will give you a memorable moments to visit Pine Cave.

Rice Field Cafe

The next favorite destination for trip Malang 2018 is  Pujon Rice Field Cafe or Cafe Sawah Pujon. You might think that it’s like conventional cafe out there. But you are totally wrong because this cafe offers beautiful spots for photography. It has setting like in real village with natural mountainous nuances. You should not miss this place when you travel to Malang. Besides enjoying the foods and beverages, you can relax yourself in this cafe.