Give Your Leaflet Design A Professional Look

Give Your Leaflet Design A Professional Look

Leaflets can be used as the most effective promotional tool for your products and services provided you have a professional looking leaflet design in place. A well designed leaflet will capture the attention of your audience who will take some interest in the products. A leaflet needs to have the right balance of content and images to persuade the users for a call to action. The design elements should atleast make the recipient to make a call enquiring about your products or simply making a visit to your website.

Here are some tips on designing an appealing leaflet that sells.

Catchy Headers

Be creative when you are writing headers for leaflets. It’s no use designing one that a customer picks up and immediately shoves in the trash bin. Make sure a leaflet is a promotional tool and not meant for throwing in into the dustbin. Write headers that instantly captivates the attention of the audience. Do not make the mistake of using the name of your company or product type for your headers. Remember that you are designing a leaflet and not your business card. A headline like, ‘Anderson Chemicals’ carries no significance for your customer as it only suggests another name. Make your headlines more meaningful and suggestive.

For example a catchy title such as, ‘Get mouth-watering pizzas delivered in 30 minutes’ sets off greater interest. You need to do a research on what your customers like and integrate those elements into the headlines.

Include Designs

If you think that a leaflet design in simple black and white is effective, then you are wrong. There ought to be some designs integrated into your company leaflet. I am not saying to include designs that are too exorbitant. Be simple in your designs but professional.

Use of Strong Words

Use short and crisp action words to create the right impact in the minds of audience. A leaflet is meant to promote your products or services. Therefore, include words like bargain, avoid, free, benefit, earn, fast, get etc. in the content of your leaflet.

Say ‘No’ to Lengthy Sentences

You have to make your point quickly and directly in the leaflet. Do not bore your audience by beating about the bush. Be precise and direct when you are presenting information. Do not use lengthy sentences to emphasize on product or service details. Give information in bullets making your selling points instantly visible.

Make Use of Visuals

Always use images along with informative content to make your leaflet look professional. You must be aware of the old saying that pictures speak louder than words. Therefore, use images that are relevant and underpins your brand identity. If you have confusion regarding the selection of right visuals, take assistance of a graphic design company.

Don’t Mess Up

There is no need to suffocate your company leaflet with images and text. Keep some blank spaces for easy readability of your content. Your leaflet should not look untidy with too many images.

The Final Persuasion

Include text that induces customers for some action but in an indirect manner. For instance, use sentences like, ‘For more product details, call…’. Or you can also write up some convincing sentences like, ‘Avail the offer before Christmas and get flat 15% off’.

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