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Flashlights For Camping and Other Activities

Flashlights For Camping and Other Activities

Camping flashlights are a necessity when outside after dark. Used in aviation, government, industry and sporting environments. Camping flashlights are the ideal companion on every camping trip and forms an important part of every camper’s kit. Therefore, if you are an avid hunter or camper you know how important it is to carry a camping flashlight with you. Camping flashlights need to be dependable. Camping flashlights are essential for safety especially once it starts getting dark. Often campsites are strewn with both large and small obstacles; all of which may cause you to fall or trip resulting in injury.

Flashlights are so ever-present and practical that it’s hard to envision what life must’ve been like before Conrad Hubert, a Russian inventor, introduced the first “electric hand torch” in 1898. The tubular electric torch was based on a patent he obtained from David Misell, the British inventor of numerous electrical devices. The flashlight got its name, “flash light”, from the fact that it originally could only be operated for a very short time. Obviously, the name stuck and since then, flashlight technology has evolved in many wondrous ways.

Today flashlights are the portable light sources of choice. They typically use battery, electrical, or mechanical power to light up an area or item for examination. They are made of aluminum, plastic or other lightweight materials and used in emergency, military, and maintenance applications. Flashlights are generally designed to be mobile, and thus rely on battery power rather than a stationary power source. The battery compartment in most flashlights is also the handle.

Modern flashlights are offered in so many styles, features, battery and bulb types that it can be a chore to figure out which flashlight will best suit your needs. Do you need rechargeable or disposable batteries? A flashlight is one of those tools that is practical for everyday use and can also be a life saver in emergency situations. It’s unusual to be able to make an investment in a piece of survival gear that is also beneficial in everyday life. It is not surprising that a most people consider a flashlight to be a necessity.

With so many different flashlight bulbs available, it can become somewhat confusing. There are three basic types of bulbs: LED, Incandescent and Fluorescent. There are differences within each category, but here are the basic guidelines for each.

LED bulbs are the most efficient and will last for 10,000 or more hours of use. The standard white bulbs produce a clear bright light. Because of their long life, they are the most economical over the long term.

Incandescent bulbs are the most common. They have a relatively short life, come in several categories of brightness and are not as rugged as the LED. They are not expensive, but you will need to be replaced frequently.

Fluorescent bulbs produce a clear; even light that is best for illuminating a small area. They do not work well as spotlights for lighting distant objects.

Your satisfaction with your choice of flashlight rests heavily on how carefully you match the type and intensity of light needed with the intended task. Be specific with your criteria and chances are good that you will be happy with the results.