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Find A Career With Your Graphic Design Degree

Find A Career With Your Graphic Design Degree

As any student attending graphic design college could tell you, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to ways you can use your graphic design degree, and all of them are creative and interesting. If you are interested in learning more about the many facets of visual arts, but you are having trouble envisioning a professional future for yourself, here are just a few ideas of career options.

1. Brand Designer. A brand designer is somebody who forms a company’s visual identity by developing brand concepts and logo design. This is an extremely important job, because it is often how a company portrays its image to the rest of the world. Whatever design elements get thought up often re-occur on envelopes, business cards, and many other means of visual communication.

2. Photographer. Many people don’t realize that a graphic design degree can help launch your career as a professional photographer. Photography these days is about more than just capturing an image. In order to make it as a pro, you must master film and digital camera skills, as well as lighting, filters, lenses, proportion, and spatial relations. As a graphic designer, it would be your task in photography to use digital technology to produce images that communicate a specific feeling or message.

3. Art director. An art director is the one in charge of an entire creative team. This creative team usually produces artwork that is used in different advertisements or promotions. For instance, art directors manage creative teams for magazines, television commercials, product promotion, billboards and really any imaginable form of advertising. Working under an art director there is usually a myriad of artists, photographers, cameramen, copywriters and various other members of a production staff. Art directors often have a lot of responsibility because they are in charge of making sure their client is satisfied with the creative team’s work.

From just these three possibilities, you can see that the career options are extensive, and all of them allow for endless creative possibilities. Do any of these career options sounds good to you? Maybe you’ve gone down another career path but you’ve secretly always wanted to study graphic design. Maybe you’ve always loved photography but never considered making a career out of it. Any art school graduate would be lucky to land a job like these ones. Luckily for them, there are countless more, from layout artists, to logo designers, to illustrators and more.