Portable Gas Stove For Camping

Portable Gas Stove For Camping

When camping one of the most important pieces of equipment that you require is that of the portable gas stove. These very useful tools were first invented in the 19th century and now in the modern day there is a huge variety of models and designs to choose from, depending of course which activity and situation you require one for. Portable gas stoves used to be solely run using the fuel kerosene but because of safety reasons other fuels were developed. Butane and propane gases are most popularly used today but companies such as Coleman, the very successful American company that specializes in producing products for the camping sector, have even developed their own fuels for camping stoves. Coleman has it’s own fuel that is called White Gas or Camping Fuel. This fuel is ideal for campers in all weathers as it even burns in freezing conditions, is very clean and refined and actually burns hotter than other liquid fuels.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing portable gas stove or indeed looking to buy your first then the Coleman 425F499G 2 burner portable gas stove is well worthy of your consideration. It is ideal for any camping adventure whether it be staying in a cabin, a tent or just plain outside under the stars. This Coleman stove operates on 2.5 pints of fuel (Coleman White Gas) and just one tank will give you approximately 8 hours of burn time. To boil a quart of water just takes only 4 minutes! How good is that? It also has a 11500 BTU burner and the whole package weighs a mere 12.5 pounds making it very easy to transport. One of the main attributes however of this camping stove is the fact that it is almost maintenance free and providing that you clean it after every camping trip it should stay in perfect condition. It is not the most beautiful of looking stoves on the market today, but if you are like me, then looks are not that important and you will fall in love with it anyway because of it’s superb qualities and function abilities.

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