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Campfire Facts

Campfire Facts

Ah, the campfire. Finally the day seems more relaxed as it is about to retire, the camp is all secured and bellies are full of a wonderful, perhaps creative feast, cooked outside in the open air.

Everybody is slowing down, getting settled around the campfire for a warm evening of stories and friendship under the stars. The last things on their minds are the problems and events of life they left behind for only a short time.

And did you ever notice, there always seems to be somebody in camp who knows how to build a perfect campfire? Everybody has their own way of doing making a fire.

Campfire facts? What is there to know about campfires other than they give us light when it is dark, they keep us warm when it is cold and campfires provide a place to cook our meals?

Campfires give us a place to gather round, settle in for a short period of time, and visit with old friends, new friends and family. Many a story has been shared around a campfire, arguments have arisen and been settled, too. Conversations are somewhat timeless around a campfire and relationships grow stronger…sometimes. Maybe there is something magical about a campfire.

More facts about campfires: All of the nice unforgettable times mentioned above can come crashing down upon you if some precautions are not taken. Nobody wants their campfire going out of control at any time.

For instance, they must always be attended. Never leave a burning fire alone, even if it is only burning coals. Winds, even gentle breezes can stir up the internal flames and spread sparks or burning embers into the surrounding dry materials on the ground, causing disaster.

Maintaining a campfire is mandatory; enabling it to serve you for whatever purpose it was built. A campfire poker can assist you with this, preventing you from getting too close to the fire, causing burning injuries.

Keep your campfire burning low, keeping it contained in a shallow hole in the ground or a fire ring made for campfires. Always rake away any leaves and sticks that may accidentally be ignited.

If you have to leave camp for a period of time, or you are breaking camp after a relaxing weekend, always extinguish the campfire by dousing with water and stirring the coals and ashes. Doing so will be exercising great respect for the outdoor environment and providing a safe haven for wildlife and future campers on the site.