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Information on Choosing Camping Tents

Information on Choosing Camping Tents

Going camping is a popular pastime in families as it requires only a small budget, but can be tons of fun exploring new places and doing loads of new activities. Probably all camping trips take place in the same country we live in with the exception of hiking trips. Either way, there are some necessary pieces of equipment you’ll need; sleeping bags, cooking instruments and tents. The tents are probably the most important part as they provide shelter from the rain and wind as well as giving you somewhere to temporarily store your stuff. Here’s some camping tents you should consider if going on a trip.

Varieties of Camping Tent

Any long-lasting tent should comprise of fiberglass poles in order to preserve its strength and shape. Some other materials are prone to either snapping or bending, which would be a large problem should you be camping at the time. Furthermore, there are several other features you might want for a comfortable night.

Ventilation is very important in many cases, as it can be detrimental to your sleep if you’re hot and stuffy. As such, you should consider a tent that comes with one or two ventilation windows with mesh material, so no one can see in. This will preserve your privacy, while granting you a comforting night’s sleep. This mesh material can also be used to prevent insects from penetrating the tent, which can be especially important in certain locations, where insects can be dangerous.

Vestibules allow for a little more space as you can separate your sleeping area from your sitting or cooking area. You can also use this vestibule to store your equipment so you have more sleeping room. Though be sure that it’s a closing one, otherwise you will be leaving your gear open for anyone to take.

Another popular option for a larger tent is an awning, which allows you have a seated area outside that’s protected from the sun and rain. Here, you can sit and admire the scenery, while you relax under your shelter. In some cases, it can also double up as the door, allowing you to optimize space, rather than carry additional awning equipment.

Additionally, you should check the quality of the other materials that form up the tent. High-tenacity mesh, heavy-duty waterproofing, shock-corded poles and UV layers are all essential to a safe and secure camping trip, where your only shelter is set to last you a good long time and many future trips.