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Add A River Visit to Your NH Camping Trip and Go From Good to Great

Add A River Visit to Your NH Camping Trip and Go From Good to Great

Of all the wonderful ways to enjoy the outdoors, NH camping next to one of the state’s refreshing, crystal clear mountain rivers is at the top of the list.

River sounds and sights are soothing and mentally cooling if you are lucky enough to find a camping spot right on the river bank. Even from a distance, a rushing river or bubbling brook heard through the trees is just enough to lull babies to sleep and breathe calm into the night for the grown-ups.

Early in the NH camping season, rivers are running hard and fast down the mountains after the spring melt. As summer approaches, the ferocity subsides as the hotter weather rolls in. Unless the occasional severe drought takes place, most rivers continue to flow all the way through the warm-weather camping season.

For the fun and adventurous NH camping and outdoor enthusiasts, tubing, canoeing, swimming, fishing, old-fashioned bridge and cliff jumping (be careful!), picnicking, and rock skipping are just few of the things you can do on or in the rivers.

Jump in and the river will show you its personality so be especially careful in the springtime. Spring is not the time to test the rapids! Research your river of choice thoroughly before entering, whether or not you are using watercraft or gingerly wading in. Sometimes the best seat is the one alongside a rushing river until it quiets down after the snow has completely melted.

There are several rivers in New Hampshire that lend themselves to excitement and adventure. Whitewater rafting has finally arrived in NH on the Androscoggin River just outside of Berlin, NH. Maine has always held a grip on the sport but thanks to North Woods Rafting, New Hampshire campers now have access to a river ride that’s fun for the whole family. This part of the Androscoggin is an easier ride for all ages, unlike some of Maine’s furious rapids.

In the White Mountain National Forest along the Kancamagus Highway, adventurers will find Rocky Gorge, Frog Rock and several other popular spots famous for their swimming holes, rock sliding and hopping (wear water shoes) and tubing. NH camping sites are abundant in the area, most are within a short driving or biking distance, some within walking distance of campgrounds.

Trout fishing is abundant in most of New Hampshire’s rivers and the Saco River has become a favorite of those who love wilderness-style NH camping.

What do you love?

NH camping trips can be adventurous and even chaotic if you are trying to keep children busy and happy but if you plan your vacation carefully and select your NH camping spot in advance you can spend your days lazily sitting by the river, floating peacefully down a stream, or paddling wildly through river rapids!