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What to Visit in Malang for Refreshing?

Do you feel like you need refreshing? Working from Monday to Friday or even more could be so frustrating. Besides getting unhealthy body, you will also get your mind tired. You really should rest your body for awhile. Malang can be your perfect place to recharge your energy through traveling. But do you know what to visit in Malang for refreshing? It’s better for you to visit nature than going to amusement parks which often crowded especially in the holiday season.

Rainbow Coban

What to visit in Malang for number one? Among many waterfalls or coban, there is a good recommendation to visit namely Rainbow Coban. If you are wondering this coban called as rainbow, there’s a story behind it. You can look at the time this waterfall shows its rainbow which start from 10:00 a.m until 2:00 p.m. At this time, the position of the sun which starts to rise makes the water splash around the waterfall. As the effect, the waterfall looks as colorful as rainbow.

Address: Ngadas Village, Poncokusumo, Malang.

Tree House

Tree House is the next what to visit in Malang. You really will make your dream comes to make your holiday better. As the name implies, you can find this place unique from its Rustic tree house lodging offering. It’s fully designed with a standard wood chart. There are 6 units of tree house which each has an area of 3 x 2 x 2 meters. Don’t need to worry about the quality because it’s equipped with the quality of wood material that is quite good and strong.

Address: Mount Banyak, Gunungsari, Bumiaji, Batu, Malang.

Ngliyep Beach

Among many beautiful beaches in Malang, there is the next what to visit in Malang. Ngliyep Beach also become a good place for you to refresh your mind. You don’t need to go to Lombok because Ngliyep Beach has a view like in Lombok. Besides, this beach is still quite that makes you comfortable to be here. Its quiet atmosphere adds to the tranquility of your vacation.

Address: Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo, Malang.

Krabyakan Water Source

The last what to visit in Malang is Krabyakan Water Source. It is located at the foot of the mountains. You will surely be amazed by its nature when you visit this place for the first time. The cool atmosphere with a stunning panorama are two best things to get. With clarity of water, the shape, and structure make this Krabyakan Water Source becomes a natural swimming pool.

Address: Sumber Ngepoh Village, Krajan , Lawang, Malang.