How To Emphasize Your Purpose

How To Emphasize Your Purpose

From road signs in city streets and city outskirts to building facade, logo designs enhance the transfer of message or information. Whether for directional or advertisement purposes, the power of graphic designs cannot be denied, especially that these designs make-up a product, a business corporation or an information drive.

Graphic designs involve the use of different types of fonts, colors and text. Fonts are used to give various purposes such as the effect and emotion it wants to convey, the appearance, the gender it targets, the impact and the purpose of the design. Fonts are the ones that make a text or design stand-out among the rest. Graphic designers from around the world would agree that Helvetica is the most influential as well as the most widely used font till date.

Different kinds of fonts can affect the intensity of the message in a varied manner. Bold fonts, such as the Bodoni type, give the impression of more emphasis or degree of importance while smaller fonts suggest lesser importance. Bold fonts are usually used in names, positions and among others while smaller fonts are used in giving details or explanations on a certain product or information.

The appearance of the text or fonts used is also important in graphic design. In non-formal form of designs such as those involving cartoon characters or caricatures, a more non-formal form of fonts applies such as the use of comic sans or chiller type for a more fancy-looking design. For a more formal design, the use of the Old English type conveys formality such that it is commonly used in formal invitations.

Font also effect emotions such as suspense, anger, seriousness, fun and among others. If you want to affect suspense or fear, red-colored dripping fonts done in a way that it looks like a dripping blood, will do the works of invoking such emotion. The Jokerman type on the other hand, indicates fun and adventure. Color choices, thus add emphasis and intensifies the emotions that is being conveyed to the viewing public.

Font types are also gender-selective or neutral. There are fonts such as those that appear round, heavy and angular suggest masculinity while thin and slant type fonts such as the Bradley hand ITC indicate femininity.

If the purpose of your design is to educate, impart information, give direction or information, a readable type of font is necessary. The most basic type of fonts used in textbooks and newspaper publications is the Times and its variants because of its simplicity and elegance.

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