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Walking Sticks,The Ultimate Survival Multi-Tool

Walking Sticks,The Ultimate Survival Multi-Tool

The uses of a good walking stick are MANY. I always head out into the woods with mine without fail. If you don’t already have one guess what? Get out in the woods and find one! I especially like the “vine wrapped” ones, and with just a little bit of looking around they are easy to find. A lot of folks put a nice finish on them as well, making them a real item to be proud of.

Whether it is a stick you have upgraded, or just a good straight stick you found while in the woods, their uses are unlimited. Walking around the hills and mountains around here they are priceless. If you were to sprang your ankle, that walking stick can get you back home before night falls. If you need to measure the depth of your creek crossing, your stick is a tape measure. If you get stuck in mud or quick sand, your stick can save your life as you can use it for leverage to wiggle yourself out.

If you come across an animal such as an aggressive dog, coyote, etc. you can use your walking stick as protection. If you are forced to stay the night in the woods and can’t get back to camp before daylight you can take your knife, attach it to the end of your walking stick, and there you have a serious weapon for any late night stalkers such as bigger animals that might be lurking around your campfire.

If you are walking or hiking through heavy growth and vegetation, you can use your stick to lift limbs and thorns up out of your way. This will let you pass under the brushy areas without getting injured or scratched up on your hike. Anytime you scratch yourself up while in the wilderness, you leave yourself open to getting infections, which is the last thing you want when you are camping, hiking, or trying to survive in a situation where you are stranded and awaiting rescue.

My wife and I carry a walking stick in each vehicle also! We are not “old folks” yet, but find them very useful to have behind the seats of our cars and trucks. Should you injure yourself away from home, your walking stick is there for you inside that car! My wife had an incident where she pulled something in her back while on her job. That walking stick got her home and in the house!

Often it is the simple things that help us survive. It is not always that hundred dollar knife, the expensive hiking pack, or other store bought gear. Sometimes it is the simple everyday thing you take for granted or hardly ever think of! Any time I am camping, hiking, or just exploring around in the woods I carry my trusty walking stick!