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What Camping Equipment to Bring on Your Outdoor Trip?

What Camping Equipment to Bring on Your Outdoor Trip?

Camping equipment and supplies cover all the items needed for a complete camping trip. This covers any type of camping you are doing from backpack camping to motorcycle camping and beyond.

Remember, the great outdoors is a home away from home. Items such as a first aid kit, outdoor lanterns, sleeping bags and camp kitchen equipment can be very useful, but can easily be overlooked. These items can mean a great deal especially when the entire family is involved.

Sleeping and Other Camp Comforts

Besides the sleeping bag, there are other “comforts” that can be added to the basic camp setup. In recent years, there are dozens of varieties of camping heaters, camping tables, and other comforts of home to consider. It’s all about making the right choice for the camping your family or group plan on, not having to make the best of a situation you weren’t planning for.

Some Other Essentials

This list is extremely important especially when planning on a family camping trip. Hygiene and safety are not high on anyone’s list until there is a need. Let’s just get down to brass tacks; A camping toilet is one item you wish you had when the time comes and there are some very inexpensive ways to accommodate this need. A camping shower comes in handy especially if the activities of the day are strenuous like backpacking or climbing.

The most important item of your camping equipment supplies needed at any campsite or backpack, is the first aid kit. An unexpected fall in an unfamiliar territory can be real trouble unless the camping first aid kit was packed with the rest of the gear. Depending on the type of camping allows the first aid kit to be customized to take care of any possible emergency.

Outdoor Lanterns

This necessary piece of camping equipment is in a class all its own. A flashlight might be okay if you are hiking by yourself, but at a campsite, a good outdoor lantern is almost required. With today’s technology, the outdoor lantern have a brighter light with longer battery life and have many options that the old style fuel powered lantern could never have.

Outdoor Tools

Finally to add to the complete camping gear package, there are the tools of the trade. These include the ax or hatchet, compact shovel, rope, and then any other pieces of equipment that apply to the type of camping.

While we aren’t talking about survival camping here, having the right camping equipment and supplies will make the trip enjoyable, not something to endure.