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The Principles of Graphic Design

The Principles of Graphic Design


The Principles of proximity states that related items should always be grouped next to one another. Also, any items that don’t have any similarity’s also should not be grouped near one another. The reason for grouping related content is to make guidelines for the viewers eyes in witch he will read the main content witch may be the name of your company then follows directly into the description or contact information.


The Principles of alignment states that anything that is on a page that’s similar should be visually connected to something else that is on the same page. When the elements were aligned they had a connection to one other, even when they had been separated on the same page. It may have been noticed that the alignment of a subheading “Alignment” has been centered. As it was said, “Any Good design was transparent.” The lack of an alignment between any subhead and a connected paragraph made the viewers eye have travel across the entire page, and that it had probably had enough for you to notice it.


The Principles of repetition states that you have to repeat every design element throughout an entire design. Any element that had a Specific font style, graphic, line, icon, color, and the list goes on and on. The internet can make this rather easy to do in a verity of ways. First you can use a style sheet, which will allow you to determine an element of the web page to a particular font or color in a specific location on the page. It is quiet easy to do and I recommend everyone to copy my style sheet so you can see for yourself what one looks like. If nothing else, add the same style information for “A:Hover”, it makes every link change to a specific color when a readers mouse is hovered over the links. It can also be viewed in the source of this web page so you can also see how I linked up to this current style sheet.


The Principles of contrast states that when any two items are not Similar, make them very very different. Contrast will add amazing visual interest’s into your pages. its possible to create great visual interest when using color, size and the weight (as in the contrast that is between these headings and these paragraphs), or on any other part of any other element. So once again, when you utilize style a sheet you can make this much easier to set the contrasting value for any heading font compared to any paragraph font.


Typography is a VERY large area of interest. It is above this article to cover every element in typography in all the much needed detail. There can be infinite amount of web sites that can be related to typography. There are some pages regarding CSS (Style Sheets). Typography has a very outstanding affect on your work. But, the web has been limited in using fonts. Web designers are mainly forced in using fonts on a user’s system. Still, a style sheets will help in setting up font a choice that will look very nice and can work on almost any system.