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Traveling Cheap to Malang Tips for Backpackers

In this modern age, traveling becomes a lifestyle for almost population in this world. This is also supported by the technology that makes us easier to travel anywhere. Indonesia is one of the examples of travel destination from time to time. This country has many beautiful tourist attractions in its every city like Malang. Who doesn’t know the beauty of this city with chilling temperature? It’s very a good idea to put Malang on your traveling list. You can plan a traveling cheap to Malang for your holiday. Not only beautiful scenery, you will feel the warm atmosphere from its very friendly locals. If you want to go as backpackers, you can look at some traveling cheap to Malang tips for backpackers below.

Travel to Malang by Train

You should plan your traveling cheap to Malang in detail before you go. Transportation is the number one of element to think about. As it’s for traveling cheap, you can choose transportation with affordable price of ticket. Train becomes a good option for those who want to cut the budget. Whether you departure from big city or not, it’s a strategic way to try. You can choose Kota Baru Station for the last stop. Then when you arrive, you can walk around the station or take a rest for a while in Trunojoyo Park with the iconic Lion statues.

Choose Daily Lodgement

The number two of traveling cheap to Malang tips is choose daily lodgment. For those who plan a quite long traveling in Malang, it’s a good idea to stay in daily lodgment. There are actually many hotels with affordable place. But if you spend more than two or three days, it will become the same expensive. That’s why you should cut your budget by looking for daily lodgment. You can utilize applications such as Traveloka.

Go to Travel Destinations with Affordable Ticket Price

The number three of traveling cheap to Malang tips is go to travel destination with affordable ticket price. Don’t worry if you don’t have much budget to spend to travel to Malang. It’s because there are still many places to visit. Colorful Village Jodipan, coban, and beach are the examples to choose. Besides, there are museum such as Bentoel Museum and Brawijaya Museum.

Go with More than One Person

Go with more than one person becomes the last strategy of traveling cheap to Malang. It’s true that travelling with many people are fun as well as saving more budget. You can rent a car or stay in a hotel by sharing with your friends or family. Besides, you also will get benefit to strengthen relationships.