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Tips to Travel to Malang from Jakarta on Budget

Weekend could be so fun when we use it for positive activities like traveling. Don’t only stay at your home being lazy under your blanket. Wake up and look for a place to spend your weekend. Malang is a good option if you are really craving for traveling. There are too many tourism destinations that make you totally confused to choose. But for those who are confused because you don’t have enough budget, you don’t need to worry. There is still a chance to visit popular tourist attraction in Malang. If you are from other city like Jakarta, you can follow tips to travel to Malang from Jakarta. Before you go to the destination, you should prepare anything well. Don’t try to take a wrong decision because you traveling far and with low budget.

Choose Matarmaja Economy Class Train

Choosing transportation is a must when you want to travel to Malang from Jakarta. But it’s not a good idea to use airplane because you plan a traveling on budget. There is still alternative choice to use train. Matarmaja economy class is a  transportation that can be the right choice. But if you want to look for the alternative of Plan B, you can choose Malioboro Ekspres from Yogyakarta to Malang. Keep yourself up to date to the ticket price through travel applications like Traveloka.

Stay at Home Stay

The number two tips to travel to Malang from Jakarta is stay at home stay. A place to stay is also affect your budget. If you don’t choose carefully, it will ruin your budget plan. That’s why it’s a good to choose home stay than hotel. Discuss with people you want to invite for traveling or adjust to the money you have if you are going alone.

Rent Car to Explore Malang

Rent car to explore Malang if you want to traveling on budget. You actually can bring your car from Jakarta, but if you want convenience, renting a car is better. If you don’t know yet, transportation in Malang is quite confusing. There are some codes to use according to the destination. Besides, you also can find trans bus like in other city. That’s why before travel to Malang from Jakarta, you should observe where to rent a car.

Go to Landmarks

The last number of tips to travel to Malang from Jakarta is go to landmarks. There are many tourism destination with affordable price ticket or even free. Park or Town Square are the examples of free destination. You can go to Tugu Town Square or traveling while culinary at Batu Town Square. But you need to pay attention because it will be very crowded in the weekend.