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Popular Tourist Attraction in Malang Indonesia

Come to  Malang without visiting popular tourist attraction is not a good idea. If you have an opportunity to visit this Apple City even only for a day, you should use your time well. Don’t only stay in your hotel and being lazy. Go out and explore this city starts from its popular tourist attraction in Malang Indonesia. All the recommendations of destinations in this article are easy to reach. Prepare your camera and ready to learn anything you find.

Jawa Timur Park (East Java Park)

Jawa Timur Park or East Java Park is the fist popular tourist attraction in Malang Indonesia. Who doesn’t know this very over rated place to visit? Even the local visitors prefer Jawa Timur Park more to visit. There are actually three Jawa Timur Park but all are located in Batu. You don’t need to worry because you will only spend about 15 minutes until 20 minutes to reach the place by car and motorcycle. There are many exciting attractions such as Roller Coasters, Merry Go Round, and many more. Besides, there are also attractions which becomes the best place for learning such as Science and Historical Center.

Jodipan Colorful Village

Jodipan Colorful Village is the second popular tourist attraction in Malang Indonesia. There is actually a quite long story why then this colorful village exists. The idea came up from the creative students from University of Malang. Since the opening of this tourist place, there are already many people who visited Jodipan Village. You can find many colorful spots which becomes the best place to take pictures. Be ready for a memory card because you will be addicted to take pictures in this place.

Angkut Museum (Transport Museum)

The third tourist attraction in Malang Indonesia is Angkut Museum or Transport Museum. It’s very popular museum among travelers in East Java. You will fell less if you go to Malang without visiting this museum. Based on its name, you will be amazed of the display of transportation from very old until new. Not only that, you also can find instagram-able spots which can you use to take pictures. It’s also very suitable for family vacation in Malang Indonesia because you can shop at Apung Market or Floating Market.

Mount Bromo

The last tourist attraction in Malang Indonesia goes to Mount Bromo. Its popularity has no doubt anymore. For those who want to have a romantic vacation, you can travel to Mount Bromo. There are travel agents that are ready to bring you there. You can explore the Whisper Sand or Pasir Berbisik, Savanna as well as seeing sunrise and sunset. All you can do is prepare the budget and adjust the time. You will get a memorable trip to visit this beautiful Mount Bromo. Don’t forget to bring thick jacket because the temperature is quite cold.