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Things To Be Aware Of When You Camp

Things To Be Aware Of When You Camp

Now the only thing that is left to do is to make sure that you take note of some things. Taking note will help to assure your safety while gone, and your happy return to society at large.

Animals- It might seem a little redundant to safe watch out for the wild life, but it really is important. You don’t only want to watch out for them, but you don’t want to do anything to encourage them to approach. Make sure you wrap all your leftover foods in a plastic bag. Then dump it far away from your camp. If you do this the wild animals will not be drawn to your camp.

Poison Plants- Sometimes the plants do not appear to be poisonous. Make sure that you study up on the plants before you embark on your camping adventure. Some plants are lethal while others are not. However, there are great deals of plants that can cause breakouts. If you learn what to touch and what not to touch, you will find that it is easier to avoid unwanted exposure than it is to deal with the results of the exposure.

Water- Make sure you research the area that you will be camping in before you go. Sometimes there are different fishes or parasites in the water that will be harmful to you. The water is very appealing, and it is encouraging. Everyone wants to take a dip in the cool water during the heat of the day, but it may not be worth it. Some parasites can cause skin irritation, and it is very difficult to get rid of them even after medication. Some fishes have a poisonous sting. Some kill on contact, others sicken you, and still others kill slowly. Make sure you research the area before you go.

Camping time- Every season is not the best season to camp. It is not all about whether or not it is cold or hot, but you really don’t want to camp if it is during a dry season. Most forest fires occur when it is dry. The danger is that forest fires are difficult to put out. They generally have to burn out. This puts you in a dangerous situation as a camper, and even if you escape the flames it will be very difficult to escape the smoke.

Camping is an adventure, and it is one that is fun to embark upon. However, just make sure that you do the proper research beforehand. In addition to this make sure you learn a few survival techniques. It does not hurt to prepare for the worst case scenario. Most of the time people do not have to practice the worst case scenario; it is just reassuring to have a plan in place.