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The Importance of Website Upgrades and Maintenance

The Importance of Website Upgrades and Maintenance

What are website maintenance and upgrades:

Keeping your website maintained is the best way to keep your company and products in demand on the Internet. To keep visitors coming to your website, it must be updated with the latest content, and include fresh new keywords in order to show up in web searches. This improvement is called website SEO maintenance and is provided by Internet marketing companies.

Website maintenance is done on a regular basis to improve the functionality of your website and ensure it performs properly at all times. If, for instance you have an existing site, you may want to improve it from the SEO (search engine optimization) perspective to ensure that the website is not only performing at it’s optimal best, but potential customers are easily able to find you online. Website SEO maintenance is considered an integral part of the website development project itself. It will steadily improve the quality of the site, which will help keep potential customers on your website longer, and ensure the latest and best web practices are in use at all times.

Why website SEO maintenance is needed:

People search for websites that suit their requirements, and from their search they more often tend to trust those websites that present themselves well with links that work, information that is current and an appearance that demands confidence. Your Website is the first interface between your customer and your business. It creates the first impression and it is not an understatement to believe that a faulty website can hamper the most interested customer while a properly maintained, error-free website can turn a somewhat interested customer into a money spender.

There are two kinds of online visitors to your website: Regular visitors who know the website and are loyal to it and potential customers who may be looking at many similar websites before making a decision. It is the second category that will keep customers visiting your website, and perhaps the single most important reason you should perform regular maintenance and upgrades to your website. Potential customers can reach your website by searching through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. In order to find you, they would potentially type in a set of keywords relating to your business product or service. Often the keywords used to search change over time, therefore you would need to make sure that your website consistently provides keywords that are picked up by search engines so they will show up your site in top search results.

Another reason for keeping the SEO content of your website up to date is because search engine algorithms often change. So static content might be easily searchable today, but the same is not true when considered over a longer period of time.

What is included in website maintenance:

In addition to SEO maintenance, regular maintenance can include fixing broken links and other issues that may occur on your website such as updating content, updating keywords and keyword phrases, adding a greeting or announcement if applicable, updating sales information, checking memberships if applicable, responding to visitor queries, identifying which pages and/or areas of your website are functioning well, and visited often and manage the overall health of your website.

It is advisable to have a dedicated person or service available to assist website visitors who experience difficulty accessing or navigating your website properly, and to also handle any emergency situation that may arise, particularly if your website offers daily information or handles online purchasing.