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Outsourcing Graphic Design

Outsourcing Graphic Design

Companies rely on various marketing strategies to make their presence known and maintain visibility in their respective industries or markets. Marketing is essential in promoting the brand, products, and services so consumers will remember and patronize the company. For a marketing strategy to be successful, it is crucial to have a dynamic graphic design that enhances the image of the company which will eventually lead to sales.

Marketing can be expensive. Unlike large corporations, small companies may not have enough resources to establish an art department in-house or hire an advertising agency. In some cases, they rely on their own knowledge and skills, which often lead to graphics and text that just do not work. Creating their own designs can result to more problems instead of bringing in sales to the company. To avoid this, many small firms in Western countries opt to outsource graphic design work to outsourcing destinations such as the Philippines with relatively lower labor and overhead costs. Filipino graphic designers are highly skilled, creative, and have excellent English communication skills and strong affinity with Western culture. Above all, client companies can take advantage of the labor arbitrage.

Small firms are not the only ones that outsource graphic design. Large companies also transfer work to service providers that can take on requirements such as company websites, logo design, and marketing collateral.

The advancement in technology contributes to the growth and development of graphic design outsourcing. Many companies used to rely on expensive advertising agencies or in-house art departments. Nowadays, they outsource design projects, getting significant cost savings in the process. As time progresses, graphic design outsourcing continues to evolve and flourish, as new hardware and software aid creative designers in coming up with excellent materials for the marketing campaigns of different companies.