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The Importance of Brochure Design: Factors to Consider for Effective Communication and Branding

The Importance of Brochure Design: Factors to Consider for Effective Communication and Branding

The role of a brochure in your organization can take on many forms; promotional, educational, product specific, technical or simply brand awareness. Whatever the approach, they are performing the same task – communicating your message to an audience.

In the evolving world of digital media it is said that the life of a brochure is decreasing and that the world is working towards a paperless society. There is some truth in this but the reality is far different as many people like the tactile experience of holding and reading something tangible.

The experience you can provide for your audience through the choice of stock, format, size and content can be an exciting one, however it is just as easy to produce something that is totally forgettable.

When you think about the goals of your brochure you need to consider various factors: Who is reading it? How are they going to be distributed? Will it need to be printed or can it be in a digital format? Does your company have a ‘green’ policy and therefore demands recycled stock, soy based inks? What is the shelf life of the brochure? What about updates?

You then have to consider the more subjective elements such as style, size, pagination and content – which depending on your point of view can be some of the most troublesome decisions that need to be made. This area you should get advice from a professional graphic designer who has experience in integrating your brand into the brochure. A copy writer and photographer can help with your content.

The role of any creative organization is to appraise your goals, understand the desired outcomes, work with your budget, and above all make sure that they define you as a company and not produce a thoughtless ‘me too’ product.

Beyond on the elements mentioned the key to any good communication is content, your creative team may be able to create the most incredible concept and rationale, but this will fall down if you do not invest in the content – great photography and well considered copy will always win the day.

With all communications you have to ensure that you engage with the process and consider all of the above elements. Working with a team that has experience in this area will add value to the end product, and ultimately help to achieve your goals.