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The Apple iPhone – Why Society Cannot Live Without It

The Apple iPhone – Why Society Cannot Live Without It

A lot of people patiently awaited the arrival of the Apple iPhone and since its launch it has really proven to be worth the wait. Apple’s phone is famous for helping users make calls, listen to music and for being easily sync-able. The latest Apple iPhone has a thin, excellent looking design and also has a touch screen that beautifully showcases your videos and pictures. This device is truly loved by a lot of its users!

People who really want to own one of these will notice that this phone lacks the usual control buttons found on other phones, the whole dialing of numbers, typing text messages and so on, are done on the phone’s touch screen. One could actually say that the Apple iPhone is three devices all packed into one:

i. A cellular phone

ii. A wide screen iPod with a touch control feature

iii. An internet connection

The Apple iPhone is a beautiful device that will serve you well. It is one device that makes a truly perfect gift, because it is not just a phone, it is also the following;

• Video player

• Music player

• Internet connection device

• Camera

Here are some features that will blow your mind

• Quad-band world phone support – this is one feature that users especially love

• 2 mega pixel still camera

• Stereo Bluetooth

• Speaker phone

• WiFi capability

• Safari Web Browser

• E-mail

Although this phone only has a memory capacity of 8 megabytes (MB) and does not have 3G support or even wireless downloads, you are sure to find it a superb piece of technology, by simply holding it.

The device is known to be dominated by a huge 3.5 inch display. You will also find in this device; an iPod; video and music player; and Google Maps integrated support. Users will also be able to easily scroll through all of their songs, albums, play lists and artists, just by flicking their finger. This device also helps users make a call when they touch a number or name of a person that they wish to call. All of the contacts from your computer or internet device are automatically synced.

The Functionality of the Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone has a 3.5 inch touch screen display which was specifically designed for use with just your hands – please be informed that the touch screen simply rely on bare skin touch so you really do not need a stylus. Users can easily input text with the iPhone, which uses a virtual keyboard, thus allowing the user to rapidly and conveniently input their text. The iPhone’s virtual keyboard has all the necessary functions that you should expect using a phone like this such as:

• Automatic spell check

• Dictionary

• Predictive text etc

A really key feature of the Apple iPhone’s functionality and navigation is the scroll feature. This is actually similar to the Apple iPod scroll wheel, the iPhone’s movement easily allows you to quickly and conveniently move through the phone’s menu. Using the wheel is really easy, all you have to do is to slide a finger over the display – please note that the faster you spin, the faster the item is navigated through.