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If the temperature is held constant and the pressure is increased to torr, what is the new volume of the gas? At two independently assorting loci, a man has the following genotype: GgHH. He marries a woman with the genotype ggHh. What is the probability that they will have a child who has the same genotype as the father?

In a certain genetically stable population, the frequency of a recessive allele for a trait with two alleles is 0. What is the frequency of individuals expressing the dominant trait? If his pasture is twice as long as it is wide with a total area of , square meters, then what was the cost, in dollars, of the fence?

Let our expert teachers be your guide with a prep course that fits your schedule. Skip to Main Content. Practice Question 1: Chemistry mL of an ideal gas is placed in a piston and is held at a pressure of torr. Under what conditions do gases exhibit ideal behavior? Low pressures and low temperatures B. Low pressures and high temperatures C. High pressures and high temperatures D. High pressures and low temperatures. Which of the following is the greatest?

Complete the quiz above to get your score and see the correct answers. Ready to get started?


PCAT Exam Practice Test Questions: Pharmacy College Admission Test Quiz – Other PCAT Study Resources


Three components are now available for purchase: PCAT Multiple-Choice Practice Tests – Three complete sets of four multiple-choice subtests include items like those you will find on the actual test, provide explanations for each item, and allow you to print out a diagnostic score report with your results.

PCAT Writing Practice Tests – Four different writing prompts allow you to compose essays on topics like you will find on the PCAT, have your essays scored electronically, and immediately receive a score report with your results. PCAT Study Guide – This comprehensive handbook contains detailed information about the structure and contents of the PCAT, scoring information, and sample items for the four multiple-choice subtests and the Writing subtest.

All purchases are nonrefundable and provide you with access to all test preparation components from your date of purchase until March 31, , when the current annual test cycle ends. No refunds will be granted , even if you choose to not access a component that you pay for. Click the link below to register.

You only need to register once and can reuse the site as often as you like. In the Critical Reading subtest, the proportion of passages addressing humanities or social science topics is the same as on the actual PCAT. And in the Quantitative Reasoning subtest, the proportion of items including a word-problem or problem-solving scenario is the same as on the actual PCAT. Subtest Number of Items Descriptions Part 1: Biological Processes 48 Principles and concepts of general biology, microbiology, and human anatomy and physiology Part 2: Chemical Processes 48 Principles and concepts of general and organic chemistry and basic biochemistry processes Part 3: Critical Reading 48 Reading passages on humanities, social science, and natural science topics with questions involving the comprehension, analysis, and evaluation of passage content Part 4: Quantitative Reasoning 48 Mathematical processes, concepts, and relationships, including applications of basic math, algebra, probability and statistics, pre-calculus, and calculus Total PCAT Practice Test Structure and Contents The four PCAT multiple-choice subtests include correct answers and explanations for each question not printable , with a timer provided if you choose to simulate the timed conditions of the actual PCAT.

The Practice Test subtests contain core items that count toward your score and experimental items that do not count toward your score, in the same proportions as on the actual PCAT. This way they memorize concepts and perform well in the PCAT exam. Mock tests make students familiar with the style and scope of the PCAT question paper. PCAT Exam. These PCAT practice questions will give you a better idea of what to study on your exam. Good luck with your studying. If you need additional practice questions get our PCAT study guide and flashcards.

If you have a desire to go to pharmacy school, an impressive score on the PCAT is crucial. What is the best way to prepare for this important exam? The five sections of the PCAT include:. Utilization of these resources is vital for those looking to gain employment in the pharmaceutical industry. Many of these resources can be found absolutely free online:.

Candidates must answer multiple-choice questions over four separate timed sections, as well as one writing prompt. The entire test takes minutes for the multiple-choice questions plus the one writing prompt. The PCAT is administered on a computer-based test CBT format, and takes about four hours to complete with a short break provided in the middle of the exam. The PCAT test is comprised of the following subtests:.

The writing subtest of the PCAT is the only section which does not include multiple-choice questions. In this section, candidates are given a typical world problem relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, and are asked to discuss a solution.

Candidates are given 30 minutes to formulate, organize, and write their response to the prompt. The rest break is given after the first three sections of the PCAT, and is optional.


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WebPCAT Registration and Schedule The Pharmacy Admission Test is a specialist exam that assists in identifying suitable applicants to pharmacy schools. The test assesses overall Missing: download. WebSee how you’d score, and get a detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses. Get the hang of the test. Try out each PCAT test section—including Biological Processes, Missing: download. WebFree PCAT Practice Questions If you don’t have time for a full PCAT practice test, and you need just a few sample PCAT questions to see where you stand, you’ve come to the Missing: download.