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Free download to speed up my pc

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But when there are tons of PC optimization tools in the market, one needs to do a lot of research before opting for one.

And hence we bring you a well-researched list of the best PC optimization software to improve your computer performance and make it run like a brand new machine. Here we present our top choices for the best free Windows optimizers to enhance your PC performance and free up disk space.

Advanced System Repair is one of the best Windows Optimizers available for free. Within a couple of clicks, you can optimize the system to its peak performance. For the same, various options and functions are available.

What makes the tool one of the best Windows 10 optimization tools is its feature to control background apps. Advanced System Repair is one of the best free system optimizers that also offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with its performance. Apart from this, the functions offered by the tool are quite advanced and better than those provided by other similar tools.

It is not cluttered or adorned with various things. It is not complicated at all and has an easy user interface, with a very straightforward means of accessing it. It makes the processing of the system fast and proficient in skills.

If the above shortcomings do not seem bothersome, then IObit Advanced SystemCare is, without a doubt, among the best free system optimizers that you may use in It offers all the required features and tools that you can use to make your PC fast and manage the storage.

Using the software you can easily remove registry files, junk files, uninstall software and remove their supporting files. The process of cleaning is very easy and you can erase all the files easily and securely. The best part about this software is that you can get this software at a very cheap price. As compared to other competitors too it has a very reasonable price offering.

The only downside of this best windows 10 optimizer is that it fails to protect the PC from malware and online threats. The reason why CleanMyPC ranks among the best PC cleaner and optimization software for Windows 10 and older operating systems is because of its effective system cleaning capabilities and simple-to-use interface. Download this Windows 10 PC optimization tool using the button below to try it out. With over 2. It comes in two variants, one which is free with lesser features and the other which is not.

It gives cleaning in one click and optimizes your PC in no time. It cleans up unused files and makes your PC faster. From many popular internet browsers, it cleans traces of your internet history. It is perfect as a Windows 10 Optimizer tool. After taking all the features, pros and cons into consideration, we can say that CCleaner is an excellent program to remove junk and improve the overall PC performance. However, you need to purchase the paid version if you want to use most of the advanced functionalities of this free Windows 10 PC optimizer pro for free, i.

Norton is a popular brand, known for providing the best antivirus software. Its Windows optimizer provides preset profiles that help boost the performance of your PC. Norton Utilities also gives you one-click optimization which is super easy and efficient.

In our view, this software is among the best Windows 10 optimizers for every user who wants to enjoy seamless browsing experience. However, if your sole purpose is to speed up your slow computer, then it is advised to go for the other utilities mentioned on this list. Download Now. Ashampoo WinOptimizer, one amongst the best free system optimization tools and is highly abled. This free PC optimizer is specially developed for Windows and so, it makes the maintenance fast and easy for Windows users.

This software gives you a faster, cleaner and more reliable windows system. It decrapifies your system. PC Decrapifier focuses on discarding programs that come preinstalled on freshly purchased computers. It works great to clean out the bloat on your new system.

It provides an easy step-by-step process to help you remove the junk clogging up your computer. The interface of this program is a bit old-fashioned, but apart from that, it is a solid utility. Despite being a freeware, it encompasses quite a decent selection of features that make it one of the best PC performance optimizers for Windows users to download in It has a fast and powerful cleaning engine to do cleaning and also has a cloud-based optimization engine.

It helps you to remove all the junk and broken files from your PC to get it to function in a gilt-edge condition. It is basically a free software, is community-driven and delivers up to date information, ratings, and recommendations from users. There is a paid version available for this Windows 10 computer optimizer which offers some additional features.

After evaluating all the major aspects related to this tool, we can say that this best free Windows 10 PC optimizer is worth giving a shot if faster scan and bulk deletion features are not among your topmost priorities. Comodo PC Tuneup, one amongst the best system optimizer tools , analyzes critical Windows events that occur during startup, shut down and while running applications and then further resolves them.

It is a tune-up utility suite, a powerful PC optimization software that removes disk garbage and fixes registry problems. However, in order to use its advanced security and optimizing features, you need to buy the premium version of the product. Kromtech PCKeeper Live is one of the best free PC optimization software which removes all the unnecessary files from the PC and makes your software run faster.

PCKeeper is the one-stop software solution for keeping your PC in a wonderful state and safeguarding it from threats, both online and offline. With this, in one button click all system problems, viruses, malware, and security vulnerabilities will be fixed. Hence, this tool is indeed the best free PC performance software.

Despite minor teething troubles, PCKeeper is among the best tools for PC optimization and maintenance. With a name that is unheard of, IOLO has a completely different trajectory in the market. It is very spread out in the world. IOLO can detect and remove up to 50 types of junk files, making it one of the best PC optimizer software. Its statistics reveal its high efficiency to boost the system speed and enhance system performance.

It also unleashes internet speed and increases drive speed. However, there are certain attributes of this best free PC speed up and system performance software that you should know.

Read all of these below. The presence of numerous system maintenance tools makes it one of the best free PC speed up software that you may use. However, if well-organized interface and detailed scan reports are among your top priorities, then we would recommend you to consider using other optimization tools mentioned in this list. AVG TuneUp comes loaded with myriads of cool maintenance and optimization tools, i. After taking all the features, benefits, and drawbacks into consideration, we can say that this free PC optimizer is worth a shot.

The features such finding and removing malware threats and checking for latest software updates weigh more than its cons. Razer Cortex seamlessly clears junk files such as cache, tracking cookies, temp files, and residual data to free up valuable space for better system performance.

It is a completely free cleaning tool. It optimizes almost an overall system. However, it only supports Windows 10 or above versions. With this cleaning software, you can also remove duplicate pictures. It optimizes the memory to release a large part of your disk space. In our view, this software is one of the best and reliable PC optimizer software that you can use absolutely at no cost. If you are using Windows 10 or later versions, then you can opt for this software.

It comes in both variants i. The free version offers only limited access to its features. Contrarily, the paid version offers unlimited access to all the features.

Plus, highly capable of fixing the other Windows 10 related issues. With this tool, you do not need to install the duplicate finder and remover software. It will delete the duplicate pictures too. After detecting every bit about this cleaner tool, we can say that this is the best PC Optimizer software for Windows However, if you are accessing an older version of Windows like 7, Vista, or XP then it is not your piece of cake.

PC Optimizer is a piece of software that comes in handy when your computer takes ages to function tasks or is taking tons of time to respond.

It simply detects the hard drive for any unwanted data and frees up the storage space. This way, your computer becomes more efficient and has a faster speed. The answer to your question depends on which PC tuneup utility or optimization program you are using. There are many Windows PC optimizers out there that boast about their features and their excellence.

Very few of them actually are the best. Our observations show that the best optimization software for Windows available in the current marketplace is none other than IOBit Advanced SystemCare.

It features an advanced registry cleaner , storage checker , and privacy protection all in just one software. It boosts your system speed and recovers disk space in just a few minutes. They detect all the unwanted files and junk and make your PC run like new. However, there are equally badly-behaving optimizers that are built with amateur code, have malware, or are utterly ineffective. They are usually the ones found for free on the no-name websites. They are the ones you need to beware of.

To get the best free PC optimizer, simply go to the official site of the optimization tool, download the software and install it in your system. After installation, let the software scan your computer hardware for any infections or junk items. Although, all of the products listed in the article above are the best in what they do. However, you can check out the description of other tools as well and download the one you like the best. The best way to speed up any laptop is by using the best system care optimization software for Windows You can get the best performance out of the system easily.

Overclocking is a technique used by some Windows users to improve the performance of the system. Different attributes of the system are changed to do that. However, you can also use the best free pc optimizer utility for windows 10 to improve the performance of the system quite easily.

Some of such products are listed above for you. Look for the advanced features and basic working of the PC optimizer you are using. Also, check if your pick for the best free optimizer for Windows 11 can uninstall the unnecessary apps, and limit the items that are on auto-run mode. The above article lists the best game optimizers for Windows 11, 10, and older version devices. Go through the list and identify the right tool for your system optimization.

The optimized tools are developed with specific purposes. Therefore, choose the one that is capable of addressing your concerns and can provide the best experience for your Windows PC. Various manual steps can be taken to optimize the performance of your Windows 11 or 10 devices. These can be a basic system restart, download of pending updates, or driver updates. Even after applying all the manual methods, your system might not fix the issues. Therefore pick the best Windows 11 optimization tool for your device from the above list.

This will enhance the working and speed up your PC in no time. The article above mentions the set of best Windows 11 optimizers. Go through the list and choose the perfect optimizer that matches your requirements and fulfills it.

These optimizers can shut down unnecessary applications, optimize the limited resources of your OS and improve the overall experience. Accumulated junk and other problems bug the computer performance to a great extent.

Hence, a PC optimizer is essential to ensure your PC works smoothly. You may choose a PC optimizer depending on your requirements from the list above.

Exit the Performance Options window. You may notice a decrease in the presentation quality on your computer, but its processing speed should have increased. Part 4. Open your Start menu. This is in the lower left corner of your screen.

Type “disk cleanup” into the search menu. You should see an app appear at the top of the Start screen. Click the “Disk Cleanup” app. Disk Cleanup is a standard utility on an Windows computer; it rids your computer of temporary files, processes, and other small bits of information that can slow down your PC’s processing speed. Go to source. Check every box under the “Files to Delete” heading.

This will clear the following items from your computer’s cache: Downloaded program files Temporary internet files Recycle Bin contents Temporary files Thumbnails You may also see other options here depending on which default apps shipped with your device. It’s perfectly safe to check any box in this menu, so check these too. Click “OK”, then confirm by clicking “Delete Files”.

This will get rid of your computer’s temporary files. If you don’t perform this cleanup often, you can find several gigabytes’ worth of temporary files and such here. Open Start again, then type “defrag” into the search bar. This will locate the disk defragmentation app on your computer.

Click the “Defragment and Optimize Drives” option. This should be at the top of your Start menu. When your hard drive has been around for a while, its subfolders and their respective contents get scattered around your hard drive in other words, your drives “fragment”.

Running the Disk Defragment tool will consolidate your files and these fragments, which will increase the speed at which your hard drive can access information. Do not run the Disk Defragment program if your computer has a solid-state drive installed. SSDs are made to resist fragmentation, so running a defrag on them can seriously damage your files.

Select your main drive in the Defrag window. It should be labeled something like “OS:C”. Click “Optimize”. This will begin to defragment your drive. Depending on how long it has been since your last defrag, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Consider moving files to external storage. Hard drives recall the first 50 percent of storage placed on them much quicker than they do the bottom 50 percent; for example, if you have a gigabyte hard drive, the first gigabytes of information you put on your hard drive will be quicker to access.

You’ll notice significantly less slow-down on your PC if you limit your file storage to half of that of your hard drive’s capacity. The best way to do this is by increasing your hard drive capacity with an external flash drive or hard drive.

You can also move your files to any one of several free cloud storage services e. Part 5. You can view all of your PC’s programs and apps from inside of the Start menu; simply scroll down to view all of them. You will also see folders here; they often contain more apps, so click them to view their contents. Decide on which apps you want to uninstall. Generally speaking, apps like “News” or a radio app that ship with your OS are completely unnecessary and easily replaced with better programs or online plugins.

If an app is crucial to your computer’s functionality, you won’t be able to delete it; that being said, most mandatory apps take up minimal processing power. Right-click an app you want to uninstall. This will prompt a context menu. Click “Uninstall”, then confirm your choice. This will immediately uninstall your app or program, negating the need to visit the “Programs and Features” folder.

You may have to click “More” at the bottom of the context menu to access the “Uninstall” option. Uninstall any apps you don’t use. Most Windows computers ship with a large quantity of stock apps, plugins, programs, and free trials; these should all be candidates for deletion.

Consider installing replacement programs. For every stock installed app, there is at least one viable alternative: [ citation needed ] Replace Microsoft Edge with Chrome or Firefox.

Both of these browsers are faster, easier-to-use alternatives to Edge. Again, you can’t delete Groove, but it takes much more processing power to run Groove than it does to run iTunes.

VLC can play almost any video format and has a simpler, cleaner interface than default Microsoft video players, which translates to quicker processing speed. Restart your computer. After implementing all of these changes, your computer should be running much faster now!

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Make sure your computer is running in high-performance mode. If you’re on a “Power Saver” plan or something similar, you will notice decreased processing speed when using high-performance apps or games. You can check this by clicking the battery icon on the right side of your taskbar. While it isn’t technically part of your physical computer, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies will improve your web browsing speed.

You should also run security checks at least once a week using the antivirus security program of your choice. This will keep adware and malware from clogging up your computer’s processor. Refrain from downloading third-party apps to clean up your computer. Everything one of these apps might accomplish will be easily doable by you with the technology available by default on your Windows PC.

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Free download to speed up my pc

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Logitech SetPoint. (26 votes). Registry Mechanic.