Out to Impress As a Graphic Designer

Out to Impress As a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer should catch your eye right away with his own logo or web page. Since it is his job to grab attention for customer sites, he should be able to do so for his own design company. If this is the case, you could be on the trail of a professional who can do something for you.

Several professionals advertising on-line boast a wide array of services. Their skills must be flexible enough to handle various media. This involves a measure of high-tech progress with old-fashioned forms that still work.

Skilled individuals in the field will tackle your print advertising requirements. They create brand designs, logos, draw illustrations and take photos. These end-up in newsletters, newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets and signs across Northern Ireland, the UK, even the world. Your job may be something as big as a national catalogue or the small work, such as creating business cards and letter heads. All of these form an important part of how a business gets its name out, meaning promotion for creator and client at the same time.

Then there are the internet sources. Most companies today must have a presence on the worldwide web. Print matters too, as noted above, but from the web a company or charitable organisation will be seen all over personal computers and the social network. Ask about creating a website and/or website SEO. Find out about one-off or big, multi-media promotional campaigns.

One way to decide between designers is to look carefully over their on-line resumes. Most will post a selection of jobs you can see without too much trouble, or may have already noticed. Think about what response their work elicited form you. Their portfolio post photos on-line or just a list of locations around where their work is on show. Find out about awards, credentials and get a feel for whether a style matches your own.

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