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Camping and Fishing at My 3 Favorite Spots to Camp Near Portland Oregon

Camping and Fishing at My 3 Favorite Spots to Camp Near Portland Oregon

My wife and I currently live in the great North West, Portland area, to be exact. It is a beautiful area for sure!  When I get all tied up with the hustle and bustle of the big city life, I need to unwind. My two favorite things to do is get out  camping and fishing.

I have three favorite places to do that here that are close and affordable, Promontory Park, Milo McIver Park, and now, Metzler Park. All three of these are less than an hour away. The furthest one is only 40 miles from our house!

Since we like camping and fishing,The first Favorite is Promontory and it is definitely the most convenient. I hook up our 12 foot aluminum boat behind our 23 foot motor home, it’s a 1983 Mini Winnie  and head out of town. The reservoir is stocked on a regular basis so trout fishing is good. There is a nice dock there and it is easy to put the boat in. The campsites are all rustic, so the convenience of the motor home is nice, but they have hot showers and a few strategically placed electric hot plate cookers, so tent camping is real good too! The first time we went there it was in a two room cabin tent.

The second favorite spot is Metzler, it is also the furthest. The campsites are more private and the majority have water and electric hook ups. If you want to fish there don’t bother with a boat, there’s no launch site and the stream is small. What they do have there is a lot of banks to fish from and several trails to walk.

And finally the Third favorite is Milo McIver Park. They have electric and water hook ups, the campsites are spacious, and the park is well maintained. There is also a stream and trails. All of these are with in traveling distance from each other, so you could take your boat and head over to Promontory from the other two.

As far as your daily chores being better, did you ever notice how bacon, even though it’s cooked on a camp stove tastes better when your camping? Sooo Cooking is more fun! and the cleaning and so forth have to be done when you’re stuck in the city anyway so what the hey!

I hope you get the opportunity to check these out if you haven’t all ready, and remember have fun and enjoy life!