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New Zealand Vacation Itinerary You Should Plan

Distant location might be one of the reasons why not many tourists prioritize New Zealand as a travel destination. Literally, this country is at the edge of the world. No wonder if the other cities in some countries like Japan and Korea get immense visitors. But this country has its uniqueness like what you have seen in Lord of The Rings.  You can start to think about New Zealand vacation itinerary. Besides Hobbiton village, there are other places to visit. The end of the year seems like the perfect time for you. But don’t forget to make a travel plan too because it’s essential.  Don’t miss your precious moment without having a well preparation.

Adrenaline Pumped in Queenstowntion

Queenstown is the first place you should put in your New Zealand vacation itinerary. This is surrounded by the Southern Alps which is located at the end of Lake Wakatipu. Apart from the beautiful location, there are other reasons why many tourists like this place. There are many activities to do especially for adrenaline junkies. If you want to get an adrenaline pumped, this is the right travel destination. In winter season, you can try sports like rafting and kayaking. Whereas in the summer, you can try kayaking and rafting.

Visit the Southern Alps with Exquisite Lupine Flower

Christcurch is one of the cities in South Island of New Zealand that has beautiful places too. You will truly be spoiled with beautiful views of the rows of the Southern Alps. Not only that, there are also lupine flowers that will make your eyes stunned. If you have never seen it, at first glance, this flower looks like lavender. They grow very fertile in New Zealand even considered as pest because of its rapid growth. For those who like photography, you can use this place to create the best photos ever.

Enjoy the Dramatic Natural Scenery in Fiordland National Park

After enjoying the beauty of the lupins, what’s next should be on your New Zealand itinerary is Fiordland National Park. It has an area of more than 1.2 million hectares. In addition, it also consists of forests, lakes, and of course the Southern Alps which is famous for its dramatic views. The beauty of this Fiordland can not be doubted anymore because it has been recognized by the United Nations (UN). There is one more natural phenomenon that you should see namely Milfor Sound. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to glacial erosion. As a result, there is an entrance for water from the sea that is surrounded by cliffs.

Do You Like Blue Colour? You Should Visit Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki becomes the last travel destination to visit. For those who like blue colour, this will be heaven on earth. For your information, Lake Pukaki is the largest lake in New Zealand with an area of 178.7 km². You can make unforgettable memory by looking at the highest peak of Mt. Cook that always covered in snow. You will really enjoy the blue lake water just like the sky.