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How to Get Captivating London Vacation Tour?

London is indeed amazing as a popular tourist destination from around the world. It’s because anything that related to past and present both are preffered here. It’s true that London becomes the perfect place to visit. If you’ve dreamed of going on vacation here, you should know how to get captivating London vacation tour. Don’t only visit the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge because there are more captivating destinations. Besides, there are lots of exciting activities to do even that you have never thought before.

Seeing Various Cool Street Art

Visiting the residence of the British royal family has always been the choice of many people. But what if you go to a place that is also fun? Seeing various cool street art could be fun for London vacation tour. England is indeed very thick with its literature. We all can see there are many English writers who succeeded in making novels and other literary works. Street art is also one of the most artistic parts. You can visit several places such as Stoke Newington Church Street and Rivington Street to enjoy cool works from an artist named Banksy.

Walking around the Most Popular Abbey Road

Are you one of the Beatles fans? A walk around Abbey Road is mandatory to do. Surely, you’ve seen people who post on social media with settings on the most popular street in the UK. This really makes you envy right? Therefore, this is the next activity that must be included in your itinerary. Show off to your followers on social media if you can also be like them.

Sightseeing Cool Architecture Buildings

While shopping at one of the popular shopping spots, Regent Street, you can also see the surrounding buildings with very cool architecture. This is your way to see the luxurious side of the city for free. For those who have spent money on shopping, you can do this activity. Although very simple, but this can also create captivating London vacation Tour. There is another cool alternative road that can be visited called as St Katharine Docks.

Visiting Brompton Cemetery and Highgate Cemetery

Do you want to feel different atmosphere in traveling? You can try to visit Brompton Cemetery and Highgate Cemetery. Yeah it seems terrified because as we know that cemetery is very closely related to the horror things. For your information, these two are not ordinary graves. In Brompton Cemetery, there are more than 35000 historic monuments. The place is very cool because it has lush trees. While for the Highgate Cemetery, this became the final resting place for great figures such as Douglas Adams,  Karl Mar, Michael Faraday, and many more.

Taking Pictures at the Popular Piccadily Circus

If you’ve never heard before, Piccadily Circus is an intersection as well as public spaces in West End, London. What characterizes this place is the number of advertising screens on the walls of the surrounding buildings. In addition, there is also a popular statue called Eros you should take a selfie with.