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Motorcycle Camping Trailers For Summer Fun

Motorcycle Camping Trailers For Summer Fun

Have you ever really considered a motorcycle camping trailer if you like to ride your bike and camp? A setup like this could give you the best of both worlds, as you can ride your motorcycle into the mountains or to the lake, and bring your camper with you and stay a few days!

Motorcycle camping trailers are seriously lightweight trailers that are designed to be towed behind your motorcycle for summer camping fun. Most are of the fold-out, or pop-up variety, and can be quite compact and easily maneuverable when folded up for the road.

What’s really amazing, is the fact that most of these tiny trailers can contain most everything that two campers need for a weekend of fun and comfort out in the wilderness. When unfolded, the sleeping quarters are usually above ground. So, unlike a pure tent, you don’t have to sleep on the ground. Plus, you are covered by a roof with screens to keep the rain and bugs out for a comfortable camping experience. Remember that last time you took your tent camping in the rain, and you got bogged down in the muck and mud?

Surprisingly, some of the better motorcycle camping trailers come with a cooler for your food, a portable air conditioner and even a small television! Who says you have to rough it if you ride a motorcycle and want to go camping?

One thing you really need to do is to be sure you have the right-sized bike to putt even a small trailer. Pulling a trailer is not a job that can be handled by any motorcycle. In fact, you will need a heavy, stable and powerful cruiser, like a big Gold Wing, Harley Davidson or even a large BMW to pull a camping trailer, safely and comfortably.

Of course, you will need a special motorcycle trailer hitch and will probably need to connect to your motorcycle’s brake and turn signal lights. Don’t forget to take into consideration the entire weight of motorcycle, trailer, both riders and all the gear you plan to take! Lots of motorcycle riders love their motorcycle camping trailers – maybe it’s time you looked into one for yourself.