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Instagramable Travel Place in Malang Indonesia

Are you confused where to go for the weekend? Planning a dinner in a restaurant or go to the mall are too boring. Enjoy your weekend more by visiting places that can refresh your mind. Malang is a good destination for you to go. Spend your free time in this chilling temperature city. If you only know few popular Malang destinations, there is an alternative for you to vsit instagramable travel place in Malang Indonesia. This article will give you some references for those who like to take pictures. Prepare your best pose to make your photos look more aesthetic.

Coban Talun

As it is located in the highland, Malang has lots of natural attractions. The first instagramable travel place in Malang Indonesia is Coban Talun. Coban itself means waterfall. This tourism area has a beautiful waterfall with height of up to 75 meters. Not only this, there are many spots that you can use to be the background for photography. There are flower field, Apache Camp, and Pagupon Camp. This place is located in Tulungrejo Village, Bumiaji, Batu, Malang. You will spend different entrance fee for each camp.

Coban Rondo Labyrinth

Still in coban, you also can visit Coban Rondo Labrinth. In the past, Coban Rondo only has its waterfall. But as the time goes by, there is also the Labyrinth which makes this place more attractive. Built by using green plants, this labyrinth has 2 meters height. Therefore, if you enter this labyrinth, you may find it difficult to find a way out, except your height is almost the same. You will only spend 10,000 IDR to enter this area. It’s located in Jurangrejo, Pandesari, Pujon, Batu, Malang.

Rabbit Field

The next travel place in Malang Indonesia to visit is Rabbit Field. You will find this place attractive from the existence of the rabbits. There are some spots that you can use to take pictures such as Hobbit House, Rabbits figure, and rabbits’ houses. It’s really a perfect place to visit for family vacation. But you need bit effort to explore because this field have climbs. But it will be paid with beautiful view of Batu city. It’s located in Samaan, Pujon, Jurangrejo, Batu, Malang.

Tree House

Tree House is the fourth travel place in Malang Indonesia to visit. You will see some tree houses in this area. Not only for taking pictures, but you also can stay in one of the tree houses. You will be amazed by amazing natural scenery from above. If you want to stay here, you will spend about 350,000 IDR per night. There are some types of houses that you can choose based on your preference. It’s located in Mount. Banyak Street , Bumiaji, Batu, Malang.

Pine Cave

Not far from the Tree House, there is a travel place in Malang Indonesia to visit. If you are wondering why this place called as Pine Cave, it’s because there is a cave surrounded by pine trees. You will find some spots such as Papua House, The Flying Wooden Boat, and three house style spots. Find the best spot in this place and capture the best photo. It’s located in Paralayang Street, Pujon, Batu, Malang.

Bidadari Bay

There is still one more travel place in Malang Indonesia with instagramable spots namely Bidadari Bay. This exotic attraction will offer you relaxing atmosphere. It’s actually a circular spot with a turquoise water color. If you want to visit this bay, you can go directly to Mbehi Beach which is located in Sumberbening Village, Bantur District, Malang. After that, you will spend about 30 minutes to reach the place with a footpath.

Malang Night Paradise

Malang Night Paradise is the next travel place in Malang Indonesia to visit. It’s a must to put this place to be on the list of your vacation. According to its name, you will see the beauty of MNP at night. It’s opened at 06.00 PM until 11.00 PM. There are colorful lanterns with variation of shapes. Not only colorful spots, but you also can try the rides such as Mini Pendulum and Fun Clown.

Angkut Museum

Angkut Museum also becomes the perfect place for you to capture instagramable spots. There are 300 car collections including the old fashioned and the new from all around the world..This place built on 3.8 hectare area.  No wonder that there are many instagramable spots that can make you confused to choose. All of them divided into few zones such as the most popular one Gangster and Broadway zone, British Zone, and German Zone.

Colorful Village Jodipan

The last travel place with instagramable spots is Colorful Village Jodipan. For those who are looking for recommended instagramable place, you should visit this Colorful Village Jodipan. There are many attractive spots and the existence of Glass Bridge. You don’t need to spend long time journey because it’s located near the city which is in Jodipan, Kesatrian, Blimbing, Malang.