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How Good Design Helps Marketing Campaigns

How Good Design Helps Marketing Campaigns

I understand the importance of design in business both online and offline. Appealing to the customer is important for drawing in new leads and retaining old customers, as building a strong client-business relationship is essential for structuring a healthy business.

It is a frequently posed question to me and to other blogs about how design is valuable to businesses. To answer this question simply, designers have a very specific role in a company, which is to translate and convey a business’ message to customers in graphical form. The most experienced design firms or freelance designers can help companies establish strong connections with potential customers, and I believe this is highly important. Customers remember imagery even better than slogans.

A recurring challenge for many businesses today is finding a way to create innovative designs while warding off any potential risks to the company’s assets. Many companies have failed because they claimed their designs were “ahead of their time”. In truth, those sorts of companies never took proper steps to safeguard their investments or hire a designer who understands the principles of good design.

Corporations and small businesses alike must first invest a lot of time in discovering who their consumers are. This is why most companies on the planet hire research focus groups to look at customer demographics so they can adjust their products, services, and designs to create a stronger customer relationship and draw in more clients. A designer must understand that the design must also tap into a consumer’s thought process to motivate that final decision to buy. Good design is an important part of selling a product, and if a brand sticks in customers’ minds, they will return for more. A good way to gather information from customers about how a design or interface is working for your E-marketing campaign is to ask them directly. Offer coupons or special offers in exchange for an easy 5-minute survey. I think it is worth any entrepreneur’s time to survey his customers directly on what they want to see from the company. This information will help designers make important decisions that can make designs more appealing to customers.

It is true that a large part of a successful marketing campaign is aesthetics. For example, customers will pay more attention to ads that are stunning and eye-catching than ads that are drab and commonplace. Designers capture their attention by creating ads that convey the values of a business but are also a work of art in their own right. To see examples of good ads, I simply browse around on my favorite websites and look at the advertisements being run. I compare which ones catch my attention and which do not, and I understand the elements that compose these ads and how they interact with my demographic. For this reason, businesses benefit greatly from the unique perspectives of each of their varied customer demographics. A college student will have a different opinion of an ad’s design from a 72 year old man, for example.

Businesses who utilize powerful, eye-catching designs will have more success in their marketing campaigns then businesses with ineffective design. Graphic design has always been a monumental part of gaining new leads and customers, but it is more important than ever with the new landscape of the Internet. It has changed the face of business, and so companies must adapt and compete.