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Best Places to Vacation in South Carolina to Visit

South Carolina is one of the best places in the US to visit. There are many calm beaches, historical sites and other charms. This is perfectly perfect to be your vacation destination. But you might still not familiar yet about the recommended places. Therefore, there are options for best places to vacation in South Carolina. Whether you like outdoor activities or others, you will find plenty choices in this place. Here are some of the best destination to visit.

Outer Banks

Who likes to go to the sea? Outer Banks becomes one of the best places to vacation in South Carolina. Not only has a beautiful view, but Outer Banks also has a history. You can do some activities like fishing and windsurfing in here. There are surely adventurous types of activities that can increase your experience. For those who still have a plan, you can book accommodations during the peak summer months for a better holiday. Or for details, you can visit this place from May to November. This is because the price is cheaper compared to other months.


Being a city that was once quiet, Grenville becomes a beautiful destination these days. It’s really growing very fast even though it’s located in foothills of South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. But it also becomes a very pedestrian-friendly city centre. If you are curious about the reason, this is because there are many restaurants, breweries and boutiques. Not only that, Grenville also offers popular museum, parks, and other pleasant places. Rabbit Swamp Track is one of the very popular destination to visit.

Saint Helena Island

What’s next place to visit is Saint Helena Island. This is the number three of best places to vacation in South Carolina. If you don’t know yet, Saint Helena has a troubling past. There were Native Americans and slaves were brought to plant various crops including rice. Therefore, if you ever visited here, you can feel the atmosphere of the old building and the culture.

Myrtle Beach

For those who need more natural attractions, you can go to the Myrtle beach. Not only a good place to relax yourself on sand, it’s also child friendly. That’s why you don’t need to worry much about your kids here. There are also other activities available in here such as watching dance and musical performances. If you have a plan to visit with family, you can enjoy the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and do shopping.

Hilton Head

There is still one more vacation destination namely Hilton Head. This is a great place to play some sports like tennis and golf or tennis. Besides, it also a place of cultural activities. No wonder if you find many cultural buildings like galleries or museums. It can be seen that Hilton head is not only good for vacation but also to enrich our knowledge. Are you still hesitant to come to this beautiful place? Hilton Head has been awarded the “best of South Carolina” and got good reviews rental score from the visitors.